WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Biden Knocks Policy-Focused Press Conference Out of the Park

During his first press conference, President Biden clearly demonstrated his command of the issues and priorities for supporting working families across the country, and outlined the work he is doing to make that a reality.

See below for initial reactions to President Biden’s press conference:

NBC News’ Jonathan Allen: “Biden is knocking this out of the park so far.”

NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin: “Press conference so far seems to follow the Biden formula of making little personal news while doing a whole ton of policy”

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “long, fact-filled answered on need to invest at home to compete with China”

Ben Rhodes: “Biden has clear priorities, a pragmatic focus on getting things done, and a well earned exasperation with where politics and some political media trivialize issues that impact people.”

Bakari Sellers: “I think Republicans thought Biden was going to trip and fall at the press conference. It’s so normal it’s refreshing. It’s wild, we don’t have to track the sheer volume of lies.”

Kurt Bardella: “You know what’s great, having a @potus who won’t insult any reporter, won’t declare the free press the “enemy of the people,” who won’t use the Oval Office to dismantle democratic institutions and norms. #bidenpressconference”

David Axelrod: “The @POTUS navigated his presser well, keeping focus on his priorities, touting progress on the virus and recovery, and generally avoiding making big news on other subjects.”

Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson: “Just objectively, President Biden’s press conference buried the right-wing narrative that he is somehow not in command of the issues or up to the job. But colleagues, why not a single question about the pandemic, which is (still) kind of a big deal?”

Lawrence O’Donnell: “No previous president discussing immigration problems has ever told the story of an ancestor’s dangerous trip to the USA as an immigrant until Joe Biden just mentioned his great grandfather’s passage from Ireland.”

David Rothkopf: “I’m going to give Biden an A for that press conference.  Excellent job. He was prepared, knowledgeable, nuanced, humane, strong, solution-oriented, accessible, warm and smart.”