What They’re Saying: DNC Launches “Rapid Build-Up Of Campaign Infrastructure” In 6 Additional States

New multi-million dollar investment expands “Battleground Build-Up 2020” program to six additional states

This week the DNC announced the second round of our Battleground Build-Up 2020 investments — expanding the program to six additional states (GA, NH, NV, OH, TX, and VA) to continue laying the groundwork for our eventual nominee to defeat Trump and for Democrats to win at every level of the ballot.

Here’s what people are saying about Battleground Build-Up 2020:

NBC: DNC adds red states Georgia and Texas to list of 2020 targets.

“The Democratic National Committee is adding the Republican strongholds of Georgia and Texas to its targets for the 2020 election, making the rapidly diversifying states slated for multimillion-dollar investments, party officials told NBC News.”

The Hill: Democrats adding six new states to 2020 target list, including Ohio and Texas.

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is expanding its ‘Battleground Build-Up 2020’ program to include six additional states, most notably Ohio, Texas and Georgia. The party said that it hopes to achieve three main objectives with the expansion: further lay the groundwork for the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, support Democratic candidates at every level of government and to make early investments in communities of color around the country.”

Washington Examiner: DNC adds Georgia and Texas to ‘battleground’ target list for 2020 election.

“Georgia and Texas are up for grabs in 2020, according to a new plan outlined by the Democratic National Committee.”

National Review: DNC Adds Georgia and Texas to List of 2020 ‘Battleground’ Targets Marked for Multi-Million Dollar Investment.

“The Democratic National Committee is adding the traditionally deep red states of Georgia and Texas to the list of “battleground” states the party plans to invest millions of dollars in ahead of the 2020 presidential election.”


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Why the DNC added Georgia to its list of top 2020 targets.

“The Democratic National Committee added Georgia to the list of battleground targets for the election, opening the door for a new infusion of money and resources devoted to flipping the state in November. It’s part of the DNC’s ‘Battleground Build Up 2020’ program and Georgia is among several Republican-controlled states added to the party’s priority list, reflecting an ambition to vastly expand the party’s political map this year.”


Nevada Independent: DNC announces major investment push in Nevada, other battleground states.

“The Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday that it was launching a second round of a major investment initiative in key 2020 battlegrounds, including Nevada, Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.”

Nevada Current: DNC targets Nevada for additional spending.

“The Democratic National Committee is adding Nevada to its targets for the 2020 election, gearing up for what they expect to be a tough fight against President Donald Trump in November.”


Blue Virginia: DNC Announces Second Round of “Battleground Build-Up 2020” Investments.

“Good to see Virginia on this list of ‘Battleground Build-Up 2020’ investments…we definitely will need help in protecting first-term Representatives Elaine Luria (D-VA02) and Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07)!”


Houston Chronicle: DNC adds Texas to 2020 targets days before Super Tuesday.

“The Democratic National Committee is adding Texas to its list of 2020 targets just days before Super Tuesday, vowing to invest heavily in the state to help Democratic candidates up and down the ballot in the latest sign that the national party is taking Texas more seriously than it has in years.”