What They’re Saying: Glenn Youngkin Is No Moderate

Though he’s been governor of Virginia for less than a year, Glenn Youngkin has spent his time crossing the country campaigning for MAGA Republican candidates. With news that he will hit the campaign trail next week for extremist candidate Kari Lake in Arizona, one thing is clear: this isn’t anything new for him.

Youngkin has been singing the praises of many MAGA extremists running in the midterms — and the American people have taken notice.

New York Magazine: A Country-Club Radical

“He has more in common with Kari Lake — and with Trump — than he wanted the Virginia electorate to know. Such similarities apply to his social conservatism as well as his early support for the GOP’s election conspiracies.”

HuffPost: Glenn Youngkin Won As A ‘Normal’ Republican. Now He’s Endorsing ‘Big Lie’ Booster Kari Lake.

“Less than a year after winning office by presenting himself as not at all like Donald Trump, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is now endorsing a woman who insists the 2020 election was stolen…”

Youngkin has thrown his support behind a number of other MAGA Republican candidates who continue to push their extreme views, including laws that wouldforce 14-year-old rape victims to give birth.

New York Times Op-Ed: Glenn Youngkin Is Playing a Dangerous Game

“In Nevada last week, Youngkin stumped for Joe Lombardo, the Trump-backed Republican nominee for governor who… says he is worried about the ‘sanctity of the voting system.’ In Michigan, Youngkin stumped for Tudor Dixon, the Trump-backed Republican nominee for governor…”

Make no mistake: Glenn Youngkin supports candidates whose extreme agendas include draconian bans on women’s reproductive rights and denying the results of the 2020 election – quite literally the opposite of “moderate.”