What They’re Saying: Last Night’s Results Show Voters Are Energized Against GOP Extremism

Last night’s election results showed that across the board, voters are energized to defeat MAGA Republicans’ extreme anti-choice agenda. In New York’s 19th Congressional District, Democratic candidate Pat Ryan won his special election despite Republicans and conservative groups outspending Democrats in the race. In Florida’s primaries, Democratic voter turnout surpassed 2018 primary levels, showing an energized base. And both results come on the heels of Kansas voters turning out to reject Republicans’ extreme efforts to ban abortion and Democrats overperforming 2020 results in all three of the other House special elections since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Here’s a look at what they’re saying…

From NBC: Democrat’s win in bellwether N.Y. House district showcases power of abortion rights message

A victory in a bellwether House district in New York’s Hudson Valley gives fresh hope to Democrats ahead of a daunting 2022 midterm election and raises questions for Republicans who have been expecting a “red wave” this fall.Democrat Pat Ryan won the hotly contested special election on Tuesday, defeating Republican Marc Molinaro, NBC News projected.The outcome reveals the power of Democratic messaging on abortion: Ryan had put the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade front and center to try to galvanize his party’s voters to get to the polls, drawing on his military service to argue that fighting for American freedom means protecting reproductive rights.It was pitted against the Republican message, carried by Molinaro, that the election is a referendum on President Joe Biden, economic pain through inflation, and crime. Molinaro ran as a check on “one-party rule” by Democrats in Washington, which Republicans have long seen as a winning pitch. On Tuesday morning, he urged voters to show up and “send a message to Washington.”It wasn’t enough.

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