WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Report Shows Bidenomics Delivering Record Job Growth

Bidenomics is delivering unprecedented job growth across the country and today’s jobs report is the latest example. In September, the U.S. economy created 336,000 jobs, for a total of nearly 14 million jobs created since President Biden and Vice President Harris took office, including 815,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs – the most ever created in one term. While MAGA Republicans’ failed trickle-down agenda cost America manufacturing jobs and created incentives to ship jobs overseas, Bidenomics is building the economy from the bottom up and middle out.

Here’s a look at what they’re saying about how President Biden’s economic agenda is defying expectations with record job creation:

On Broadcast: 

On MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, Jason Furman: “It’s notable if you look at consumer sentiment that has risen a lot in the last six months, and it’s over that period of time that you’ve seen lower inflation and larger real wage gains. That hasn’t been showing up in the President’s approval rating on the economy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people as they’re getting more optimistic about sentiment and as they continue to be optimistic with their wallets when they go into stores that maybe some of that starts to show up in how they judge the president on these issues as well.”

On CNN This Morning with Pamela Brown, Damien Paletta: “Consumer spending is just so strong. And Americans have just continued buying things – cars, refrigerators, whatever – they just can’t get enough. And I think we thought when interest rates went up, that was going to really cool things off, and it didn’t. Sure, the housing market has changed a bit. There’s still a lot of all-cash offers on houses, but mortgages are very expensive, but people continue to spend money … But as long as consumers are spending money, there’s going to be jobs out there, and right now, there’s plenty of opportunity for people to get into the job market.”

On MSNBC, Morning Joe, Andrew Ross Sorkin: “The other piece of this is the number of hours worked by workers in any given week has remained flat. If we thought that the economy was contracting for any reason or was pulling back, you would see that number drop because you’d think that employers would say ‘You know what? We’re going to cut some people’s hours.’ That’s not happening. Right now, I would put this in a ‘good news is good news’ category … but I think as people start to understand these numbers better throughout the day that perhaps they’re going to see it that way. Politically, by the way, this may be very, very helpful for the Biden administration.”

On CNN This Morning, Rahel Solomon: “Just to put this in perspective, this is about double what economists were expecting. So Phil, as you said 336,000 added in the month of September, the expectation was closer to 170. The employment rate remaining steady at 3.8%, wages moderating just a bit – that has an inflationary impact … so it’s still a strong labor market, which is great for the American worker.”


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@byHeatherLong: Wow. What a jobs report!

JUST IN: The US economy added 336,000 jobs in September – that’s another strong month of hiring that blows away the 170,000 forecast.

Unemployment rate: 3.8% (same as August)

Wage growth: 4.2% y/y (above 3.7% inflation)\

@SimonWDC: Smokin’ jobs report.  336k new jobs, 119k in upward revisions so 455k altogether.

Strength, resilience of US economy so remarkable. 

My monthly jobs tracker thread:

33.8m jobs= 16 yrs Clinton, Obama
13.9m jobs = 2+ yrs Biden Biden
1.9m jobs = 16 yrs Bush, Bush, Trump 

@axios: JUST IN: US jobs report stuns, adds 336K jobs in September

@WSJ: Breaking: Hiring accelerated sharply last month as employers added 336,000 jobs, the biggest gain since January. The unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%. 

@TeamPelosi: Together, @JoeBiden & Democrats in Congress are creating millions of good-paying jobs — 336,000 in September alone.

And after decades of plants closing and jobs sent overseas, we’re bringing those jobs back home with 800,000 new manufacturing jobs.

#DemocratsDeliverNewJobs! -NP

@SenStabenow: Another great jobs report! I will say it again: We are growing the middle class.

@RepJasmine: Another month, another stellar jobs report.

Look no further for proof that #Bidenomics is working: we just added another 336,000 jobs in September. The unemployment rate is steady, and hourly pay is 🆙

@RBReich: Today’s jobs report tells us that the economy is adding more jobs at higher wages.

That should be the goal, right?

Inflation is slowing, and workers are finally getting much needed pay bumps.

Why stifle that progress by increasing interest rates to drive unemployment?

@therecount: After praising Sept. jobs report, Biden slams GOP for almost causing a shutdown over spending cuts:

“I’m sick & tired of Republicans in the House saying they want to cut the deficit & all they really want to do is, once again, cut taxes for the very wealthy & big corporations.”