What’s President Biden’s Economic Plan Doing? Wisconsinites Know: Jobs, Infrastructure, and Lowered Costs 

Donald Trump’s rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin today was a masterclass in denial and deception, because Trump knows that his best line of defense against President Biden’s successful record is to lie about the president’s accomplishments in a desperate attempt to hide his own disastrous economic record. Today, Trump targeted the American Rescue Plan, asking how it’s “doing,” and criticized the Inflation Reduction Act. For one, President Biden’s economic plan has already helped create 177,700 jobs in Wisconsin. 

DNC Spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement:

“Donald Trump doesn’t know the first thing about delivering for middle-class families because he’s too busy promising handouts for his ultra-wealthy campaign donors. So it makes sense that he wouldn’t pay enough attention to know that President Biden’s economic agenda has delivered huge gains for Wisconsin families and families across the country. If he is elected, Trump wants to grant tax breaks to his billionaire friends and leave the middle class out to dry. Don’t be fooled – President Biden and Vice President Harris are the only candidates on the ballot who are fighting for the middle class, not for the one percent.” 

If Donald Trump doesn’t know how the president’s economic plan is delivering for families, he should just ask Wisconsinites. In the state, President Biden has delivered: 

Spectrum News: “In total, the state received  $2.5 billion in ARPA funds. […]. Much of the funds went toward grants to support local business, including the Main Street Bounceback grants, which support new small businesses. The program is still up and running until Dec. 31. Another program was the Workforce Innovation grants which aimed to ‘help the regions of Wisconsin solve their most pressing workforce challenges by financially supporting collaborative, sustainable and innovative pandemic-recovery plans developed by regional organizations.’”

Treasury Department: “The American Rescue Plan sent economic impact payments of up to $1,400 to more than 2.9 million people in Wisconsin, totaling $7.1 billion.”

HHS: “7,895 child care programs in Wisconsin have received American Rescue Plan stabilization support, impacting up to 326,700 children” 

HHS: “The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided Wisconsin with $357.0 million for their Child Care Stabilization program. The Child Care Stabilization program helped center and family child care providers with operational costs like wages, rent, and supplies. These funds were critical to helping child care centers and family child care providers in Wisconsin remain open or reopen, paying child care workers, and providing families with more reliable options for high quality care while they work.” 

White House: “Wisconsin has received $6.9 billion in public infrastructure, semiconductor, and clean energy investments under the Biden administration.”

White House: “Wisconsin has seen an influx of $1.6B in funding from the Biden Administration to bring affordable, reliable high-speed internet to everyone in Wisconsin.”

White House: “The state has received $149.4M in home energy rebates to help families cut their energy costs.”

Spectrum News: “In total, the state received $2.5 billion in ARPA funds. So far, the state has spent around $2 billion of it, according to officials. The funds were provided to states to help them bounce back from the pandemic.”