Wheeler Will Have To Defend Trump’s Devastating EPA Budget Cuts

Ahead of EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler testifying before Congress today, here’s a look at some of the many devastating cuts in Trump’s budget proposal that he has to defend:


Trump’s budget would gut the EPA, slashing the agency’s budget by nearly a third – the largest cut to any agency.

Washington Post: “This year the Environmental Protection Agency — one of the president’s favored political targets — was subject to some of the most severe cuts. Trump’s budget would reduce EPA funding $2.8 billion, a 31 percent cut from its current budget.”

Trump’s budget would cut funding for programs to combat climate change and support environmental science.

Washington Post: “The administration, for instance, would cut the EPA’s Global Change Research office, which exists to provide scientific information to policymakers about the threats posed by climate change. Employees of the office worked on the National Climate Assessment released last fall, which warned of growing impacts of climate change, and which Trump dismissed.”

ThinkProgress: “Research grants from the Science to Achieve Results program, or STAR, are also being targeted for elimination. STAR offers fellowships and grants in environmental science and engineering.”

Trump proposed dramatic budget cuts to programs aimed at cleaning up our waterways, including the Great Lakes.

Detroit News: “President Donald Trump’s latest budget proposes a 5 percent reduction in non-defense spending, including a 90 percent cut for a popular Great Lakes cleanup program that bipartisan Michigan lawmakers pledged to fight.  Funding for the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would be cut by $270 million to $30 million under the budget released Monday — the third year in a row the Trump budget team proposed cuts to the program.”


Baltimore Sun: “The cuts would slash EPA spending on its Chesapeake Bay Program from $73 million to $7.3 million. The program coordinates collaboration among six states and the District of Columbia, the federal government and the Chesapeake Bay Commission to uphold a ‘pollution diet’ established for the bay in 2010.”


Washington Post: “Then there are proposed numerous eliminations of entire environmental programs, such as funding for state radon-detection initiatives; to work on improving water quality in the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Champlain, Puget Sound and other water bodies around the country; and a program that offers communities grants for lead-reduction projects.”

Trump’s budget would cut funding for the EPA’s forensics efforts, which could hinder the agency’s civil and criminal enforcement investigations.

Bloomberg: “The administration’s fiscal year 2020 budget proposal would cut a fifth of the funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s forensics efforts, which support its civil and criminal enforcement investigations.”