When it Comes to COVID, Ron DeSantis is Seriously Unhinged

Today, Florida Governor Ron Desantis announced he’s calling a special session to try to block highly successful vaccine requirements — a move that could prolong the pandemic. DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel released the following statement: 

“Governor Ron DeSantis continues to make it abundantly clear that his political priorities lie with prolonging the COVID-19 pandemic in order to appeal to an increasingly fringe, unvaccinated audience. Instead of advocating for Floridians to get vaccinated, DeSantis is spending his time elevating anti-vaxxers, entertaining conspiracy theories, and endangering lives. His continued failures to address the pandemic in his state is a dereliction of duty. Floridians deserve better than Ron DeSantis.”

Governor DeSantis is calling a special session to further endanger the welfare of the people of Florida:
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