Where Are The Children?

Following Trump’s policy that led to more than 2,500 children being separated from their families, Trump’s net approval rating has plummeted. As the Trump administration still has no timeline for when the children will see their parents again, immigrant families and the American people continue to ask: “where are the children?”


Trump’s net approval rating fell nine points, his joint-largest ever drop, following his decision to forcibly separate children from their families.


Newsweek: “The president’s overall approval fell by four points to 41 percent, and his disapproval rating grew by five points to 55 percent, according to Gallup’s weekly presidential job approval poll. While the 41 percent approval rating is still slightly above Trump’s 39 percent average, it showed a steep week-over-week fall likely caused by the president’s controversial decision to separate immigrant children from their parents at the United States' southern border. The nine-point rating change represented the joint-largest drop in overall support for the president.”


The Trump administration still has no timeline for reuniting the more than 2,000 children separated from their families.


Reuters’ Yasmeen Abutaleb: “HHS Secretary Azar will not offer a timeline for when children separated from their parents may be reunited. In Senate hearing, says agency needs to vet parents, wait for them to go through court proceedings/be granted asylum, or unite kids with relatives or sponsors in the U.S.”


Even though Trump says he will eventually reunite separated families, the truth is he may only do it if they agree to deportation — a cruel choice.


Vox: “For parents who are trying to fight to stay in the US (for example by pursuing asylum claims, as they are legally entitled to do), though, this isn’t much of a promise. It’s a horrible choice. Either a parent can keep fighting for asylum and accept that he may not be able to see his children for the months or years his case might take — or he can give up, waive both his own rights and the rights of his child, and agree to be reunified with his child en route to the country both of them fled to begin with.”