Wherever Trump and His Lackeys Go, Democrats Are Holding Him Accountable

Wherever Trump or his lackeys went this week, Democrats were on the ground holding him accountable — defining and localizing his record of broken promises and calling him out for his record of hurting middle class families. See for yourself:

In Texas:

  • Texas Tribune: “The Texas Democratic Party, meanwhile, called the visit a stunt that shows Republicans are worried about the upcoming elections… Texas Democrats, meanwhile, hosted ‘a workers roundtable event exposing Donald Trump’s failed economic record for working Texans.’ That 9:30 a.m. event, at the Texas AFL-CIO headquarters, featured Austin Mayor Steve Adler and multiple Democratic state representatives.”

  • Austin Statesman: HEADLINE: Trump in Austin: Democrats rebuke Trump over economic policies: “Democratic state representatives and local officials, flanked by labor leaders, airport workers, electricians, public school teachers and other workers, gathered Wednesday ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Austin to denounce Trump administration policies that they said largely have hurt working class Texans while cutting taxes for wealthy people… ‘We’re here today to talk not about Apple or (CEO) Tim Cook,’ said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. ‘We’re here to make sure that we’re talking about how the president’s economic policies are failing Texas workers and workers around the country.’”

  • KXAN: HEADLINE: Workers, Democrats suggest the economy isn’t as great as Pres. Trump claims: “As the city of Austin prepared for an afternoon visit from President Donald Trump, union workers and Texas Democratic leaders gathered to talk about what they believe to be economic harm the President’s policies have caused.”

State Representative Gina Hinojosa (D-Austin): “Texas is one of the few states that is actually seeing the income disparity gap increase. That’s the difference between the rich and the poor. That gap is getting larger.”

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In Wisconsin:

  • Green Bay Press Gazette: “Democrats held an event Wednesday morning in Green Bay to counter Pence’s visit. ‘Donald Trump and his administration have been a disaster for hard working Wisconsinites, and no amount of lip service will change the hardship so many in our state are feeling,’ said Philip Shulman, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.”

  • The AP: “Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Philip Shulman said Trump has been a disaster for working people and hasn’t addressed any of their issues such as health care and prescription drug costs.”

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Randy Scannell, District 7 Alderperson, Green Bay: “(Trump) has lied to us, again and again. He has broken every promise, again and again.”

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In Oregon:

  • Salem Statesman Journal: “The Democratic Party of Oregon released a statement in response to the visit. ‘If Trump thinks his path to victory runs anywhere near Oregon, he’s about to have a rude awakening. Over the last three years, he has broken his promises at every turn, jeopardizing our health care and passing a corporate giveaway that will hike taxes on working families,’ it read. ‘Oregonians saw through Trump’s empty rhetoric three years ago, we rejected it by double digits, and we’re going to do it again in 2020.’”

  • See more coverage at KPTV and KGW.

In Indiana:

  • WIBC: “Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody had this to say in response to Pence’s visit: ‘Nothing Pence says today can erase this administration’s long trail of broken promises to hard-working Hoosiers. Over the past three years, he and Trump have attacked our health care, hiked our taxes, and blocked our children’s path to quality education. We deserve better, and in 2020, we’re going to get it.’”