While Biden Stands With Our Allies, Republicans Stand With Trump and Putin

While President Biden has united our allies and partners to take unprecedented actions to hold Russia accountable for its unprovoked war on Ukraine, Republicans, led by Donald Trump, can’t help but praise Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump’s repeated praise for Putin comes as no surprise given the four years he spent cozying up to Russia. 

CNN: “Trump has been on Putin’s side in Ukraine’s long struggle against Russian aggression”

CNN: “It’s not just that Donald Trump recently hailed the ‘genius’ of Putin’s strike against Ukraine. Since his political career began, Trump has backed Putin in ways connected directly to the Russian’s quest to subjugate that country.”

It’s also no surprise Republicans continue to refuse to say whether they agree with Trump – no matter how much spin they churn up to avoid condemning him. 

Wall Street Journal: “Asked in the interview whether he agreed with Mr. Trump’s assessment of Mr. Putin as smart, Mr. Cotton declined to do so.”

CNN’s John Harwood: “when you hear Republican politicians snipe at Biden on the crisis, remember: the Republican president who left office last year used his term to strengthen Russia’s hand and weaken Ukraine’s

“his party protected him as he did it

“he still leads the party”