While President Biden Works for Families, Republicans Root Against Economy

President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda would lower costs for families and the American people continue to support it. Meanwhile, Republicans remain hellbent on fighting against driving down prescription drug prices, cutting taxes for families, and reducing inflation. Republicans are using families struggles as a political cudgel and have made clear they have absolutely no plan to help working families.

Today, more than 50 economists called on Congress to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to help alleviate inflation. Republicans are ignoring experts in the name of political games. 

  • The Hill: “Economists call on Congress to ‘swiftly’ pass sweeping climate and social policy bill”
  • Axios: “Economist group touts Build Back Better as inflation offset”

No matter how Republicans try to spin it, the majority of the American people support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

  • Navigator: “Support Remains High for Build Back Better Plan”
  • Navigator: “Plans to Pay for Build Back Better Maintain High Levels of Support”