While Republicans Stand Against Science, President Biden Keeps Americans Safe This Holiday Season

Seasons change, but here’s one thing that’s stayed the same: Republicans are *still* pushing a dangerous, pro-sickness agenda that’s putting Americans’ lives at risk. While President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats remain laser focused on leading us out of this pandemic and keeping families safe, Republicans are yet again standing with anti-vaxxers and ignoring the science, no matter how many lives it may cost. 

Republicans continue to parrot anti-science talking points and embrace an extreme, misleading narrative about natural immunity, all putting more Americans at risk and prolonging the pandemic.

Associated Press: “GOP embraces natural immunity as substitute for vaccines”

Associated Press: “Florida wrote natural immunity into state law this week as GOP lawmakers elsewhere are pushing similar measures to sidestep vaccine mandates. Lawsuits over the mandates have also begun leaning on the idea. Conservative federal lawmakers have implored regulators to consider it when formulating mandates.”

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: “Dr. Fauci has opened the door to having boosters be the new standard for mandates. When will Biden’s power grab end?”

Meanwhile, President Biden and Democrats are leading us out of this pandemic, as fully vaccinated families prepare to safely gather this Thanksgiving, millions of children are getting the vaccine, and all adults are now eligible for booster shots. 

CNN: “Fully vaccinated family members can celebrate the holidays without masks, Fauci says”

Reuters: “U.S. families plan big holiday celebrations with COVID-19 shots in arms”

New York Times: “The pace of vaccination against the coronavirus among newly eligible younger children is accelerating, and nearly 10 percent of the nation’s 5- to 11-year olds have already had their first shot, the White House estimated on Wednesday.”

Reuters: “The White House confirmed Monday that more than 90% of 3.5 million federal employees covered by a presidential COVID-19 vaccine mandate have received at least one vaccine dose ahead of a Monday deadline.”

The Hill: “All American adults now eligible for coronavirus booster shots”