While Republicans Voted Against Safely Reopening Schools, President Biden and Vice President Harris Deliver Critical Resources

Today, the Biden-Harris administration announced millions of tests to be delivered in schools, further giving schools the resources they need to safely keep children in the classroom. This comes after every Republican in Congress opposed the $122 billion President Biden and Democrats delivered for schools in last March’s American Rescue Plan. 

Schools will now have millions more COVID-19 tests available to allow them to safely remain open and keep children in the classroom:

  • Washington Post: “White House promises to provide schools 10 million free coronavirus tests per month”
  • Associated Press: “Biden sending more COVID tests to schools to keep them open”
  • CNN: “Biden administration will provide K-12 schools with additional 10 million Covid-19 tests per month”
  • Axios: “Biden ramps up school testing strategy as Omicron disrupts education”

  • Fox News: “Biden administration to ramp up testing supply to schools in push to keep them open”