While the GOP Scrambles to Find A Message, President Biden And His Agenda Remain Popular

New week, same story. New reporting from Politico shows how Republicans are spending millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to attack a popular president and agenda — to no avail. Fox News’s most recent poll shows President Biden has a healthy 56% approval rating.

Clearly Republicans’ cowardly fealty to the former president and their “100% focus” on blocking the Biden administration’s agenda is a political loser compared to the way President Biden and Democrats are delivering for Americans. 

Republicans are desperately trying to do whatever they can to weaken President Biden, but it’s not working. 

  • Politico: “The onslaught of anti-Biden spending represents what Democrats view as a ‘spray and pray’ strategy by Republicans to try and weaken the president before the midterms. With Biden’s approval rating holding relatively steady in the low-50s, conservatives are hopeful that one of the charges will break through and eventually cause a dent in his approval rating.”

President Biden’s approval rating remains high because his agenda is popular and he is delivering for the American people.

  • Fox News“President Biden’s approval ratings remain healthy five months into his presidency… Biden’s approval rating stands at 53% and his disapproval at 43% in an average of the latest national surveys compiled by RealClearPolitics. And the president stands at 56%-42% in a Fox News Poll conducted June 19-22 and released on Wednesday.”
  • Washington Post“Fox News polling shows majority approval for Biden — not that you’ll hear about it much on Fox News”
  • US News & World Report: “Poll: Joe Biden Approval Rate Steady, Strong”