While Trump Fails to Lead, Mayors Across the Country are Working to Protect Workers

As the Trump Shutdown enters its 35th day, Democratic mayors across the country are working to alleviate the pain that President Trump is needlessly inflicting. These mayors are working to ensure that the financial strain caused by missed paychecks will not result in hungry families, unpaid bills, and loss of housing for the estimated 380,000 furloughed workers and 420,000 workers who are working without pay. See below:

FOX13: “‘I think this is one of the worst of government and as you can see it’s heartbreaking families really rely on their paychecks they’ve gone without two now,’ said Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. Salt Lake City is now working on a no interest loan program to help employees pay their bills. Meanwhile, the mayor’s office dropped off thousands of dollars worth of pizza Tuesday. ‘Every bit matters we have to keep the hopes and spirits up in this difficult stance,’ Biskupski said.”

Patch: “The partial federal government shutdown passed the 30-day mark over the weekend, and the city Seattle will begin allowing furloughed or unpaid workers to defer utility bills until the government reopens. Mayor Jenny Durkan on Tuesday issued an executive order directing Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, and other departments to ‘develop a plan to offer deferral of utility bill payments to federal employees’ who have missed pay during the shutdown.”

Mercury News: “[San Jose] Mayor Sam Liccardo is proposing prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants affected by the current gridlock in Washington. In a memo Wednesday to the City Council, Liccardo suggested the city adopt an ordinance that would put a temporary moratorium on allowing landlords to evict certain tenants for not paying rent.”

NBC3 News: “The Department of Utility Services is offering a three-month deferment in payment for water and sewer bills and the Parks and Recreation Department is offering deferred payment for certain recreational services […] ‘Many federal workers living in Henderson may be facing financial hardship after weeks without a paycheck,’ said Mayor Debra March. ‘Affected residents should not have to worry about paying their water bill or keeping their children in before and after-school programs when they may be struggling to make ends meet because of the furlough.’”

Anchorage Daily News: “Anchorage’s People Mover system is offering free bus rides for federal government workers during the ongoing government shutdown. […] Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz says officials hope the offer will help at a time when federal workers ‘are paying a price’ for the shutdown.”

CBS 4 News: “The City of Las Cruces Utilities is helping furloughed employees as they face challenges paying their bills since they’re not getting paid due to the government shutdown. ‘We empathize with our federal colleagues who are in this unfortunate situation through no fault of their own. We at the City can’t replace the paycheck, but we can help ease the sting by ensuring that these families have utilities service for the duration of the shutdown,’ said Mayor Ken Miyagishima.”

ABC6: “The City of Columbus said they are offering to furloughed workers help with utility bills. ‘Federal employees should not face penalties and potential loss of basic services like water because the federal government cannot work together to pass a budget,’ said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther. ‘We will do our part to support families during this difficult time, but I call on the President and Congress to reach a resolution and reopen the government.’”