White House Gives Up On Health Care Plan That Never Existed

Republican officials said the Trump administration is giving up on its health care plan and instead is focused on “damage control” – a response to the fallout if Trump succeeds in his lawsuit to overturn the ACA and its preexisting conditions protections.

But let’s be honest – the White House never had a plan besides destroying the ACA and ignoring the tens of millions of people who will lose their health care if Trump gets his way. The White House’s only plan is to take their health care away.

THE WHITE HOUSE MADE UP MEETINGS ON ITS NONEXISTENT PLAN: Kellyanne Conway claimed she had briefed House Republicans on a White House health care plan in a meeting House members said never happened.

Politico: “HOUSE GOP IN THE DARK ON TRUMP’S HEALTH PLAN — White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sent a ripple through Washington this week when she said Trump would unveil his long-awaited health care plan next month — adding that the administration had already briefed House Republicans on the details of a proposal she reportedly called ‘elaborate’ and ‘impressive.’ If such a briefing happened, it remains unclear — even to many House Republicans — when and where it occurred.”

TRUMP PUT OFF A PLAN UNTIL AFTER 2020 – WITH BIG STIPULATIONS: Trump said he would only put forward a health care plan if Republicans won both houses of Congress and the White House in 2020.

Trump: “But Obamacare is actually, it’s very important but it’s actually a small part. We have a very big case in court, and I think eventually the Democrats and Republicans would come together. But we have a fantastic plan that we’ll be rolling out and it’s subject to us winning back the House, keeping the presidency which, I think we’re going to do. And also, obviously winning the Senate.”

Trump: “We’re going to make something really good, and I will leave that for the beginning of my second term. If we can win the House, the Senate, and the presidency, we will have health care that’s going to be phenomenal.”

TRUMP HASN’T EVEN SIGNED OFF ON CONCEPTS OF A PLAN: Trump has yet to even sign off on major concepts related to an ACA replacement plan.

Wall Street Journal: “White House officials stressed that the plans haven’t been completed, and some close to the president have privately expressed skepticism. One former White House official raised the possibility that the plan may not materialize this fall if Mr. Trump second-guesses the effort. The administration is also still weighing how specific the plan should be, the people familiar with the plan said, and the ideas have yet to get Mr. Trump’s sign off.”

TRUMP IS GIVING UP ON A HEALTH CARE PLAN ALTOGETHER: Instead of creating a plan to replace the ACA, the White House is focused on “damage control” if they succeed in taking health care from millions.

Washington Post: “A former White House staffer and several congressional aides and activists say they’ve been told the Trump administration has moved away from seeking an Obamacare replacement and is instead focused on damage control should a judge rule next month to topple the entire law.”