Who is Marie Yovanovitch?

Yovanovitch is a decorated, nonpartisan career diplomat of the State Department.

A hallmark of Yovanovitch’s diplomatic career has been her lifelong effort to stand up for human rights and root out corruption.

BuzzFeed: “Yovanovitch’s first tour in Ukraine came in 2001, when she was tapped to be deputy chief of the US mission in Kyiv. It was a challenging task for the quiet professional, who avoids the spotlight as much as possible, during a chaotic period for Ukraine, which had only secured independence a decade earlier and was still struggling to develop amid rampant corruption and oligarch rule.”

New York Times: “She grew up speaking Russian, graduated from Princeton and joined the State Department six years later. She has worked for presidents of both parties: President George W. Bush appointed her ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, then to Armenia. President Barack Obama named her ambassador to Ukraine in 2016.”

Associated Press: “In Armenia, she pushed officials to ensure fair treatment of protesters arrested after contentious 2008 elections. Colleagues chose her for a State Department award given to an ambassador who shows extraordinary commitment to defending human rights.”

Washington Post: “In her post [in Ukraine], Yovanovitch worked to advance U.S. interests by countering Russian aggression and backing new legal structures intended to root out long-standing corruption in Ukraine’s economy, she and others testified.”

She has been an anti-corruption crusader in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.