Why Won’t the RNC and Top Republicans Comment on Texas’ Attacks on Women’s Health Care?

Last week, the Supreme Court okayed another attack on Roe v. Wade, further undermining a woman’s right to choose. As the Republican National Committee refuses to comment on this latest attack, DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel issued the following statement:

The Republican Party loves to talk about individual freedom, but they’ve declared war on a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decision. Republicans have succeeded in eliminating protections under Roe v. Wade after decades of attacks, but now the Republican Party is incredibly silent because they know that it’s wildly unpopular. This attack on abortion rights presents the greatest threat to Roe v. Wade in decades, and every single Republican will have to answer for this assault on reproductive rights spearheaded by their party.”

As a reminder: Every top Republican committee has refused to clarify their position on the wildly unpopular Texas law.

USA Today: “Major Republicans and conservative organizations haven’t been proactive in voicing support for the bill since it went into effect, or have shunned whether they back the law.

“The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the campaign arm for Senate Republicans, did not post about the new Texas law on Twitter in the days following, but posted more than 20 times on Afghanistan. The organization did not post a public statement.

“The Republican Governor’s Association has not made any statement either in the past week, but it has retweeted Abbott’s messages about immigration, election security and business and infrastructure investments.  

“Similarly, the National Republican Congressional Committee, which raises money for House Republicans, did not post about the Texas law on social media, and no public statement was found. 

“USA TODAY reached out to the Republican party’s campaign arms for comment or direction to public statements and was told none were available.”