Wisconsin GOP Is Pulling Out All the MAGA Stops at State Convention This Weekend

Ahead of Wisconsin’s MAGA GOP gathering to plot ways to dismantle Wisconsinites’ rights, DNC spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement:   

“The Wisconsin GOP is a party of extremists who are nose-diving into election conspiracies instead of delivering for Wisconsin working families. Trump’s MAGA extremists are attempting to undermine our democracy because they know voters will reject their dangerous agenda. In sharp contrast, President Biden is championing families in Wisconsin by creating jobs, investing in infrastructure, and lowering costs. That’s why Wisconsinites will kick the Wisconsin GOP to the curb when they send President Biden back to the Oval Office this November.” 

The Wisconsin GOP is now run by a Trump minion who called to “fan the flame” of election conspiracies and sought to “wreak havoc” against voter engagement efforts supporting communities of color in Wisconsin.

Associated Press:Former Trump staffer who said to ‘fan the flame’ after 2020 loss hired to lead Wisconsin GOP” 

“Andrew Iverson will serve as executive director of the Wisconsin GOP as it prepares to host the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July, the state party announced Friday.

“‘Here’s the drill: Comms is going to continue to fan the flame and get the word out about Democrats trying to steal this election. We’ll do whatever they need (inaudible) help with. Just be on standby in case there’s any stunts we need to pull,’ Iverson said in the recording of a meeting two days after the November election that was obtained by The Associated Press.”

WISN: “Voting rights groups call for state GOP executive director to be fired after 2020 text messages”

 “On election day 2020, the voting rights group Souls to the Polls gave voters free rides to vote, focusing on increasing Black voter turnout. A report Thursday from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, details a plan from GOP operatives to dampen that effort.

“The article presents election day text messages from Andrew Iverson, current executive director of the Wisconsin GOP, and former leader of the ‘Trump Victory’ campaign in Wisconsin. He’s texting Carlton Huffman, a 2020 Trump campaign staffer.

“Iverson writes, ‘Can Mario,’ another staffer, ‘help get some Trump supporters to participate in Souls to the Polls?’ Iverson’s text messages, provided to the Journal Sentinel and to WISN 12 News by Huffman, go on to say, ‘I’m excited about this. Wreak havoc.’”

This weekend, the Wisconsin GOP will double down on their extremism, rolling out the red carpet for far-right Florida Representative Byron Donalds and Tana Goertz, a former Trump advisor and Apprentice contestant, to spew their extremist talking points at the convention.

The New Republic: “Republican Lawmaker Gives Unhinged Answer on Free and Fair Elections”

“Representative Byron Donalds was asked about ensuring ‘free and fair elections’—and it went downhill from there…

“One of the MAGA foot soldiers tapped as a potential vice president pick by Donald Trump argued in an interview on Fox Business on Friday that the federal government ‘should not be involved in elections.’”

Rolling Stone: “Tana Goertz, a former Apprentice contestant who appeared in the show’s third season is now employed as a senior employee of the Donald Trump campaign, and earlier this week, she delivered a doozy of a soundbyte, saying that only Mother Theresa has done more for women than the president.

Meanwhile, President Biden continues to deliver for Wisconsin families by creating jobs and cutting costs. 

WPR: “Biden announces $3.3B investment from Microsoft for AI data center in Mount Pleasant”

“The project is expected to bring 2,000 union construction jobs to the area by the end of the year.”

The Cap Times: “Wisconsin’s union workforce grows at fastest rate in over 30 years”

ABC: “Biden trolls Trump while touting new Microsoft project in 2024 battleground Wisconsin”

“[Biden] announced a $3.3 billion investment by Microsoft to build an AI data center at the location in Racine, Wisconsin. The data center will be at the same site that Trump planned for the Taiwanese tech company Foxconn to invest billions of dollars in 2018.

“‘Folks, during the previous administration, my predecessor made promises which he broke more than kept and left a lot of people behind in communities like Racine. On my watch, we make promises and we keep promises. And we leave no one behind,’ Biden said.”

White House: “3% unemployment rate in Wisconsin, with 177.7K new jobs created under the Biden Administration including 472 jobs in clean energy.”

White House: “266.3K individuals in Wisconsin signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces during the Open Enrollment Period for 2023 and will benefit from average savings of about $800/year from lower health care premiums because of the Inflation Reduction Act and American Rescue Plan.”

HHS: “7,895 child care programs in Wisconsin have received American Rescue Plan stabilization support, impacting up to 326,700 children” 

White House: “Wisconsin has seen an influx of $1.6B in funding from the Biden Administration to bring affordable, reliable high-speed internet to everyone in Wisconsin.”