Workers Deserve More Than Trump ‘Winging’ A Trade War

Last week, with no clear understanding of what his end game is, Trump threatened to further escalate his trade war with China. This is a very complex issue and American workers deserve a clear strategy that puts them first. Instead, Trump is reportedly just “winging” it and does not appear to have thought about the people who will be hurt along the way.


There was reportedly no discussion, no meetings, and no substantive internal debate before Trump threatened to escalate his trade war with China.


Axios: “When the president threatened China with $100 billion in new tariffs, there had hardly been any White House discussion. … There wasn’t one single deliberative meeting in which senior officials sat down to debate the pros and cons of this historic threat. … Trump had melted down Capitol Hill and roiled the markets with zero substantive internal debate.”


As Trump haphazardly threatens escalation, it does not appear he has thought about the people who will be hurt along the way.


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