Workers Fear Another Trump Shutdown: ‘It’s Agonizing’

While Democrats work to find a bipartisan solution for effective border security and to keep the government open, Trump continues to threaten to shut down the government over his ineffective wall. Just yesterday, Mike Pence refused to guarantee federal workers would not face another shutdown. Workers are still struggling to recover from his 35-day shutdown — the longest in our history — and Trump’s threats have them worried about missing another paycheck.

Here are real stories of families hurt by the Trump Shutdown, and who fear Trump will do it again:

“It’s agonizing. That’s the best word I can use.” – Federal contractor

“I don’t know if we can do this a second time.” – Federal worker

“You can only be so happy because you just have to know that it could happen again.” – Coast Guard wife

“I don’t think I can really relax and go back to the way things were.” – Coast Guard wife

“How are we going to buy food, you know? How are we going to pay our electric, our rent, and all that other stuff? It’s scary and it messes with my anxiety a lot too.” – Wife of a federal worker

“We’re civil servants, and we do it in part because we value public service. Regardless of the policy differences, we should not be using the federal workforce as hostages and leverage.” – Federal worker

“I don’t have any money to get to work. I’ve asked so many family members for help but they still have their life as well.” – Federal contractor

“I was happy to be back to work so I can pay some of my bills. But, you know, they say it’s – it might only last about three weeks, so I’m kind of scared.” – Federal contractor


“I don’t know that my family could hold out another month like the last time.” – Federal worker


“‘President Trump stood in the Rose Garden at the end of the shutdown and said, ‘We will make sure that you guys are paid immediately.’ … And here it is, it’s almost two weeks later.” – Federal worker


“We would be tapping into kid’s college funds. It’s not just like we just have this pile of money sitting there. It’s specifically for things.” – Federal worker


“The impact was just unbearable for me… You know, I had my moments as far as depression and being sad and, you know – I don’t know. It just took a toll on my livelihood.” – Federal worker


“A few of my friends have already missed their rent, and they might be missing February’s rent. It’s scary for them.  It’s scary for me.” – Federal worker