WORKERS SPEAK OUT: ‘The Shutdown Needs To End’

Trump is to blame for the government shutdown. He said it himself: “I will be the one to shut it down.” Now, workers across the country are scared they won’t get paid and want the shutdown to end. Republicans must join Democrats in standing up for these workers and reopening the government.


Here are real stories of workers hurt by the Trump Shutdown:


“I have to save every penny right now.” – Federal worker


“It’s very difficult to figure out how long we can survive with the savings we have.” – Federal worker


“We pay our bills like everyone else, we’re not under any special rules for not paying bills during the shutdown. The shutdown needs to end.” – Federal worker


“I’m a single mom … we aren’t a two income family or anything. It’s just me, and I’m kind of trying to make things meet and if it comes to the point of selling items in the house I’ll do that.” – Federal worker


“If there’s no work on Monday, they don’t go in and they don’t get paid. – NYU professor


“This perception that, ‘Oh, it’s just federal workers and we’re saving money,’ – well, people’s mortgages are due, insurance premiums need to be paid, kids need their food.” – Federal worker


“I wake up every day hoping this will get resolved. I just want to get back to work.” – Federal worker


“They’re scared. They don’t know how they’re going to put food on the table.” – National Treasury Employees Union president

“We also, to add insult to injury, have a freeze in pay bump, I still have to report to work because I’m essential personnel but my paycheck is not.” – Federal worker


“It’s pretty scary not knowing when you are going to be paid.” – Federal worker


“My children don’t care about walls. They do care about having a warm house to live in, a car to ride in, clothes to wear, and food in their bellies – none of which is possible if their mom can’t go to work.” – Marine Corps veteran