WTAS: Trump Gets Some Feedback During Black History Month – “Racist,” “Deluded,” “Disgusting,” “Con-Man”

Typically during the month of February, Americans take time to celebrate Black history and resilience while uplifting the voices of activists and grassroots movements working tirelessly to advance racial justice — but not Donald Trump. Instead, Trump used Black History Month to further perpetuate stereotypes in an effort to woo Black voters. Suffice it to say, Black voters weren’t buying it. 

What They Are Saying:

The Boston Globe: No, Trump, ‘the Black people’ aren’t on your side | Opinion

“Trump and his cronies regard Black people as easily swayed by, in this case, shiny gold sneakers. He attempts to connect to Black people by way of his shallow impressions of them. Or, perhaps, he’s taking his cues from Black conservatives like Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Representative Byron Donalds of Florida who will tell the presumptive Republican presidential nominee whatever he wants to hear as they vie to be his running mate.”

“But Trump is deluding himself if he thinks Black people see his legal problems as proof that, like them, he’s “being discriminated against.” Let’s be clear —Trump is not nor has he ever been a victim of discrimination. But even a hint of overdue accountability feels like an egregious injustice to a man accustomed to being insulated from the rule of law by his wealth and whiteness.”

Washington Post: Donald Trump’s con-man hustle for the Black vote is not going to work | Opinion

“Donald Trump’s con-man hustle for the African American vote is cringeworthy, cynical, infuriating, insulting, racist, super-racist — take your pick. Just don’t call it sincere. And don’t expect it to work.”

MSNBC: Rev. Al to Black Trump supporters: ‘Have you no shame?’

“Rev. Al Sharpton shares his thoughts on the claimed reasons why Black voters support Donald Trump. “We’re supposed to go for sneakers and a mugshot?” he asks.”

CNN: ‘I couldn’t be more offended’: Analyst reacts to Trump’s comments about Black voters

“Abby Phillip and former adviser to Nancy Pelosi Ashley Etienne react to former President Donald Trump’s comments about Black voters at a campaign event in South Carolina where he compared his criminal indictments to racial discrimination and called President Joe Biden a racist.”

The Grio: ‘The caucasity of him’: Trump slammed after likening himself to the plight of Black people

“My first reaction was, ‘the caucasity of him to say that,’” Antjuan Seawright, a longtime Democratic strategist who has advised several national campaigns told theGrio. “It stems from a place of being fluent in privilege that he would even think that’s OK to say in a place like South Carolina and knowing our history with racism, bigotry and hate.”

The Root: Donald Trump Thinks His ‘White President’ Comments Will Get Black People to Vote for Him, And There’s More

“During his closing argument before the South Carolina GOP primary on Friday, former President Donald Trump decided to remind the world of how truly racist he is by attacking Black voters with dehumanizing tropes. This is nothing new for Republican presidential candidates—or white conservatives in general—but the tactics remain despicable nonetheless.”

ABC News: Trump suggesting Black voters relate to his indictments prompts swift backlash

“Critics called it “disgusting” and “racist,” but some supporters shrugged.”

USA Today: Trump says Black voters relate to criminal prosecutions, prefer the ‘white guy’ to Obama

“Former president Donald Trump, campaigning in South Carolina Friday, brought the issue of race into the campaign by comparing his legal battles to the injustices Black Americans face in the legal system and saying Black voters would prefer him over his predecessor, “Black president” Barack Obama.

Speaking to an audience of mostly Black Americans, Trump suggested − inaccurately − that he is popular with African American voters. He said his 91 criminal indictments and mug shot were part of the reason.”

Reuters: Trump comments on Black voters draw rebuke from Haley, Democrats

“Trump claiming that Black Americans will support him because of his criminal charges is insulting. It’s moronic. And it’s just plain racist,” Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, who is Black, said on Saturday. “He thinks Black voters are so uninformed that we won’t see through his shameless pandering.’”

The Hill: Black leaders, DNC blast Trump for ‘racist’ comments

“Black leaders are condemning former President Trump’s recent comments about Black voters as “racist.”

USA Today: Hey Fox News: The gold Trump sneakers are ugly. And they won’t sway the Black vote. | Opinion 

“In the last Presidential election, AP VoteCast reported that eight percent of Black Americans voted for Trump. There are the usual stories appearing now about increasing numbers of Black men wanting to support Trump but if anyone believes that a bunch of Black people are going to back Trump because of shoes, you must really think incredibly low of us. Just like Trump does.”

“The reason right-wing people tell these stories about us, these lies, really, is because they see Black Americans in one dimension. In some cases, if not many, yes, it is just plain racism. But in others, it is just profound ignorance.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Are gold high tops key to Trump win? No. They show how badly out of touch he is. | Opinion

“If conservatives believe Blacks are so simplistic that shiny sneakers will sway them to vote, it shows you how out of touch they continue to be with the community. Comments made by Trump over the weekend further illustrate why.”

“If Trump’s not a racist, can we acknowledge that he’s severely out of touch, much like anyone who believes his shoes will resonate among Blacks in the inner city? This isn’t just an indictment on Trump. The remaining candidates running for president are also flawed when it comes to referencing the Black American experience.”

Black Enterprise: Trump debuts $399 high-top sneakers after being ordered to pay $355M in penalties 

“The businessman and 45th president of the United States was met with boos and some cheers while speaking at the Philadelphia Convention Center on Saturday. As Sneaker Con calls itself “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth,” it was the perfect place for Trump to debut his new golden “Never Surrender” high-tops.”

USA Today: Trump sneakers an effort to connect with Black voters: Fox News contributor

“Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo doubled down on a racial trope that Black Americans will support former President Donald Trump because “they love sneakers.”

Last week, the GOP frontrunner made a surprise visit to Sneaker Con in Philadelphia to debut red, blue, and gold gym shoes called “Never Surrender High Top Sneaker,” selling for $399.

“This is (the shoes) connecting with Black America. Because they’re into sneakers. They love sneakers. This is a big deal. Certainly in the inner city,” Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo said during a network broadcast.”