YIKES: Ron DeSantis Endorsed a Bunch of Losers

Ron DeSantis capped off the 2022 election cycle adding to his streak of failed endorsements across the country. After traversing the country to boost his own profile, DeSantis’s endorsees in key battleground states were roundly rejected.

Let’s run through some of DeSantis’s biggest losses this year:
Coming in at the last minute, DeSantis quietly announced his support for MAGA Republican Herschel Walker less than 24 hours before Walker’s historic defeat. 

The Capitolist: DeSantis suits up for Herschel Walker ahead of Georgia’s Senate runoff

The Hill: Herschel Walker says he wants total ban on abortion: ‘There’s no exception in my mind’

In the Grand Canyon State, DeSantis threw his weight behind election-denying extremists Kari Lake and Blake Masters, who called for a national abortion ban, before they were rejected by Arizona voters.

Florida Politics: Ron DeSantis stumps for Donald Trump’s picks in Arizona

Forbes: Democrat Katie Hobbs Defeats Election Denier Kari Lake For Arizona Governor

HuffPost: GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Embraces National Abortion Ban

Pennsylvania voters sent both of DeSantis’s endorsees packing as well.

Business Insider: “Mehmet Oz says abortion should be decided between ‘women, doctors, local political leaders’ during debate with John Fetterman.”

NBC: “In 2019, Doug Mastriano said women who violated proposed abortion ban should be charged with murder”

Ron DeSantis: “Vote @dougmastriano for Governor & send @DrOz to the Senate. It’s time to restore freedom to the Keystone State.”

DeSantis’s endorsements were just as hollow in Nevada and New Mexico where he backed his friend, and  yet another 2020 election-denier, Adam Laxalt, and anti-abortion Republican Mark Ronchetti.

The Nevada Independent: Laxalt gets a boost from longtime friend, former roommate DeSantis

Bloomberg: Election Deniers Are Biggest Losers: Nevada Senate and Secretary of State Races

KOAT: Ron DeSantis joins Mark Ronchetti at a rally in Carlsbad

MarkRonchetti.com: Life should be protected – at all stages. With respect to abortion, he is strongly pro-life.  

And in Wisconsin, DeSantis’s backing fell flat when voters closed the door on GOP gubernatorial nominee Tim Michels, who said he would tell a 12-year-old rape victim that her pregnancy “was created by God” and should be carried to term.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Ron DeSantis predicts Wisconsin will adopt Florida-style government if Tim Michels ousts Tony Evers as governor

Tim Michels: “But I think in the end, what I would try and tell them is: There’s a life in there, a life that was created by God. And if you carry that baby full term, there’ll be 25 or 35 couples that will be there willing and ready to adopt that baby,and love it, and raise it as their own.”

New Hampshire GOP Senate nominee Don Bolduc – who spent his campaign spewing election conspiracies and said that reproductive decisions belonged to state legislators – earned DeSantis’s full-throated support as well.

Ron DeSantis: “@GenDonBolduc will be a Senator New Hampshire can count on to fight reckless spending and work to get costs under control. He will do what’s best for the people of his state.”

HuffPost: “New Hampshire GOP Senate nominee Don Bolduc told supporters this week that he thinks the future of abortion rights ‘belongs’ to Republican ‘gentlemen’ state lawmakers, who he claims know best how to give women a voice on their reproductive rights.”

In Maine, DeSantis put his name behind now ousted Paul LePage, who called to restrict abortion access in the Pine Tree State.

Spectrum News: Florida Gov. DeSantis endorses LePage in race for Maine governor

Maine Beacon: LePage expresses support for abortion restrictions, opposition to raising wages

The list of losers don’t stop there. Despite standing shoulder-to-shoulder with liars, election deniers, abortion extremists, and the most extreme MAGA candidates in the country all year long, DeSantis’s support in the midterm elections fell flat on its face.