National Voter Registration Day

Welcome to our National Voter Registration Day resource hub! We’re on a mission to empower every eligible citizen to exercise their right to vote and support Democratic candidates who share our values and vision for a brighter future. As a grassroots supporter, you play a pivotal role in ensuring that your family and friends are registered and ready to make their voices heard in support of Democratic candidates who champion issues such as abortion access, climate change, affordable health care, and saving our democracy. Your dedication and efforts are key to advancing our shared goals through the power of voting.

Register Voters Using Reach

Reach is a grassroots organizing app that lets you meet voters where they are. Using Reach to help register voters provides a simple way for you to identify potential unregistered voters among people you know. Through a process matching the voter database against your personal contacts, we are able to help you target your phone contacts who may not be registered. Find more information on using Reach to register voters here.

If you haven’t attended a training with our team, you can sign up for an upcoming training using the link here. You’ll receive training on our program, priorities, and onboarding into the Reach app.