Services Summary

The software products listed below, or otherwise provided to you by the DNC, are incorporated as a part of the DNC End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Where these products include or are based on third party software, the EULA applies to the DNC-provided instances of such products, software, or tools.


  • Data Warehouse: DNC platform based on the Google BigQuery Service that stores Democratic owned or licensed proprietary data.
  • Analytics Platform: DNC analytics software, tools, services, and features within or accompanying the Data Warehouse.
  • Sync System: DNC software that synchronizes Democratic data with third party databases.
  • Matching System: DNC software that identifies common records among individual level lists.
  • Jobs System: DNC software that schedules and runs custom applications scripts.
  • Tableau: DNC reporting software that connects with the Data Warehouse and uses Democratic data to summarize and display data in graphic reports.
  • Command Hub: DNC software that distributes and controls access to graphic reports.
  • GitHub – IWillCode Repository: A DNC repository for users to share and save code, documentation, and notes related to programs they have built using Democratic data, Democratic data sets, and other licensed data.
  • Voterfile Uploader: A DNC interface that uploads voterfiles and transmit the voterfiles to the DNC.
  • Data portal: A DNC interface that houses the Voterfile Uploader and other related tools for users.
  • Documentation Library: A DNC library — comprised of the DNC’s GoogleDrive, “Knowledge Base” Documentation Archive, and Collaborative Documentation Wikipedia — that includes all documentation for Democratic data and technology tools created by the DNC.
  • IWillVote API: The DNC technical connection for state parties and campaigns to use the DNC online voter registration portal and polling place lookup tool.
  • LBJ: DNC voter protection incident intake software.
  • Vantage: DNC video footage search tool and archive.
  • Data Studio: A visualization tool that provides visual insights into datasets in Phoenix.
  • Votebuilder: The DNC’s voter database and suite of contact tools that is used by Democrats across the country to recruit volunteers, identify voters and get out the vote.