Whether you work on a campaign, at a state party, or elsewhere in the Democratic ecosystem, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your organization. We are up against dedicated, human adversaries that seek to disrupt our work and goals.

Security Checklist

The DNC Security Team has developed this checklist to cover your personal and work accounts and devices to increase your security posture and defend against our attackers.

Download it, print it, and complete it faithfully line-by-line. And when you are done, share it with 3 others!

Combating Disinformation

The DNC is committed to harnessing its resources to help Democrats navigate mis- and dis-information, but we can’t do it alone. Digital disinformation is a whole-of-society problem, and it will take a whole-of-society approach — involving social media companies, government, the media, campaigns, and the general public — to begin to address the challenges. In order to encourage the necessary action, the DNC has a series of recommendations on how each can do its part to confront online disinformation.