First things first – let’s create your event on Mobilize!

  • Set the time, pick a theme but, most importantly, make it fun. Write a description and tell attendees why your party is the place to be (online, of course).
  • Set up your event here!

Pro-tip: Be sure to think about how you plan to chat with your friends virtually for your party! Zoom? Google Hangout? There are a lot of good video options available! 

It’s not a party without friends – it’s time to spread the word.

  • Invite your friends, family, and online community to get them in on the fun!
  • Use the Presidential Inauguration Toolkit for Zoom backgrounds and to post about your event on social media.

Organizer Tip: Text your event link to 3 friends and ask them to share it with their friends, group chats, and Facebook groups. 

Get the party started!

  • On Inauguration Day, January 20, stream the inauguration!
  • Share your screen with your party and start streaming! You can find the livestream at

Want to do more?

  • Join us for a National Day of Service event on MLK Day, January 18!
    • Volunteer for our day of service here.
    • Interested in hosting an event? Sign up here.
  • Share stories with us! You can share however much you are comfortable with. That can include what it means to you for Kamala Harris to be our next VP, your vision for America, or why you are thankful for a frontline hero.


Can I get tickets to the Inauguration?

If you are interested in joining the Inauguration in Washington D.C., you can request tickets by reaching out to your senator or representative. Remember, the inauguration is going to look different this year because of the pandemic.

Organizer Tip: Spice up your Inauguration Watch Party with a theme! Here are a few ideas to start:

  • Cocktail party: BYO drinks & invite friends to dress up!
  • Storytelling: Share stories of when you first remember hearing about political leaders, or particularly memorable political moments you’ve witnessed.
  • Virtual Inaugural Ball: Invite attendees to show off and talk about their outfits, ask questions you’d ask celebrities!
  • 2020 Volunteer: Share favorite volunteering stories before the inauguration!
  • Build Back Better: Share personal goals or policy priorities for 2021 before the inauguration.
  • Musical Pre-show: Music & dancing, or discuss your favorite music!
  • Play inauguration BINGO: Pick out the words or phrases you hope are said, and create bingo boards for attendees to play on!
  • The Lobby: Invite guests to share what they’re most excited about in the new administration.
  • Presidential Trivia: Create a trivia game with presidential facts.
  • Virtual board games: Invite guests to play games together.

Get creative!!!