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You might remember Team Blue — the DNC’s 2018 volunteer recruitment program to help get people plugged into campaign and volunteer opportunities across the country. Since it was a huge success, we are relaunching it for the 2020 cycle! 

We are relaunching Team Blue as the distributed organizing arm of the DNC! We have the same goal — making it easier for grassroots volunteers to get connected to meaningful volunteer opportunities. This is the best place for volunteers to find different opportunities to get involved to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket this year and next. 


Volunteer in the future

Help out with textbanks, phonebanks, canvassing, as these opportunities become available around the election calendar. We will reach out as the need for volunteers comes up! Sign up here. 

Project Battleground Ambassador

We are working on growing out our hyper localized online community groups on Facebook. Are you interested in curating content and adding members to YOUR state’s Facebook group? Sign up here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 

Want to help out in another way? Visit our Take Action page below.