We strive to ensure that the values upon which our country was built, including our belief that all people are created equal, are reflected in everything our nation does. ”

The enduring relationship between Democrats and the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community results from a long history of shared values and respect for community and individual opportunity. AAPI Americans are the fastest-growing racial/ethnic group in the country, with more than 15 million citizens nationwide.

Democrats are united with the AAPI community to improve our schools and public health, spur job creation and economic growth, and ensure that everyone can participate equally in our society.

Democrats in Congress and around the country will fight to protect the Obama administration’s progress with the AAPI community. Visa applicants from the Asia-Pacific region make up 40 percent of the backlog — Democrats are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform and defending deportation relief to keep families together.

Democrats understand that small business revenue is often the main source of income for AAPI families. We will fight to level the playing field and encourage growth by advocating for economic plans that cut red tape, provide tax relief, and actively combat discrimination in the lending market.

Similarly, small business costs are frequently the reason for lacking health insurance in the self-employed AAPI community. Democrats are fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act, expand coverage, and provide relief from high costs.