Above all, Democrats are the party of inclusion… We are proud of our heritage as a nation of immigrants.”

Reflecting the diverse fabric of our country, the Democratic Party is comprised of many individuals, families, and communities that have at their core the story of American immigration.

Democrats have worked tirelessly to provide meaningful leadership on the wide range of issues that are important to all Americans. The DNC works together with the National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council to engage voters in every state by advancing Democrats’ message on these issues in households and communities across the country.

On July 25th, 2016, the Democratic National Convention held the Ethnic Coordinating Council meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council reaches across all ethnic, racial, national origin, and religious identifications to the common values that America’s diverse constituencies share.

The NDECC is a broad coalition of proven, recognized leaders representing Democratic networks organized along immigrant and ethnic lines from all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, and demographic or geographic origins. The NDECC serves as the forum for coordination, cooperation, and consensus building among these diverse groups, as well as the vehicle for the public assertion and advancement of their shared aspirations.

The NDECC works as a council of the Democratic National Committee to foster support within immigrant and ethnic communities for Democratic office-holders, candidates, and causes, while at the same time promoting increased cooperation and participation by these constituencies in shaping and advancing the priorities of the Democratic Party.