Democrats believe America must continue to have the strongest military in the world…Our country has a sacred, moral responsibility to keep faith with all our veterans and wounded warriors. We must take care of those who have put their lives on the line to defend us.”

Our commitment to America’s servicemembers and veterans is equal to the full measure of devotion that they have committed to us.

Democrats are committed to building a 21st-century Department of Veterans Affairs to deliver world-class care. We also will continue to work to make certain that coordination between the VA and the Department of Defense creates a smooth transition from active duty to civilian life — ensuring a modernized and efficient delivery of health care and pension benefits. We will work to strengthen our economy and communities by empowering veterans and connecting their unique skill sets with jobs of the future.

We also will work to ensure that veterans who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their service have access to the appropriate resources and the opportunity to recover. Because timely treatment often is critical to healing, Democrats support a swift passage of military and veterans appropriations legislation so that care is not delayed.

In 1944, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt enacted the historic G.I. Bill, initiating Democrats’ longstanding commitment to providing America’s veterans access to higher education and the promise of success as a civilian — a commitment that remains strong today. We continue to ensure the G.I. Bill has the appropriate resources to meet its goals, which also includes the full implementation of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill — which guarantees that all post-9/11 veterans have an opportunity to earn a college education.

Democrats will continue to stand with the military families who serve alongside their loved ones in uniform by supporting military spouses and children as they pursue education, careers, and financial opportunities. Democrats know that our nation must always celebrate the sacrifice our veterans have made on our behalf by providing them with the very best quality of life when they return home.