What is the DNC Youth Council?

The Democratic National Committee’s Youth Coordinating Council (more commonly called the Youth Council) was formally constituted as a council of the DNC in December 2005. The membership of the Youth Council consists of all DNC members under age 36, as well as 8 at-large members selected from each of the DNC’s four regions (East, Midwest, South, and West).

How does one become a member of the Youth Council if they are not a DNC member?

Any registered Democrat under the age of 36 is eligible to apply for a position on the Council. Every two years the DNC Youth Council appoints a secretary and 8 at-large members — two members from each of the four DNC regions. At the second DNC meeting in odd number years, the current DNC members of the Youth Council vote on the at-large members. There are currently no vacancies. 

What requirements should one have to apply for the council?

Youth Council members should have experience in Democratic politics with an emphasis on youth issues being preferred. We are asking for members to commit to 3 – 6 hours per month to help build long term infrastructure to empower young people in the Democratic Party. Members should have a strong working relationship with their State Party and state DNC members, as well as other progressive organizations. Involvement in other activities (law, veteran’s issues, base-vote constituencies) is highly recommended. Knowledge of the DNC and its operation is also helpful.
After applicants apply, their applications will be reviewed and meet the Council officers. The Council officers will then submit the names of 8 people to be voted on by the DNC members of the Council at the next DNC meeting on Thursday, September 8 in National Harbor, Maryland.

What is required of the DNC youth council members?

Youth Council members are required to attend DNC meetings (at their own cost) twice a year and attend regularly scheduled conference calls in between meetings. The Youth Council Bylaws do contain attendance requirements. Members will actively engage in the activities of the Council (meetings, trainings, fundraisers, special events), as well as serve as liaisons for their regions and to other youth, progressive and allied organizations.

If I am not selected to be on the council, can I still be involved?

Absolutely! The members of the Council will work with young activists in their regions to push the mission of the Democratic Party and the message of President Joe Biden. We are always looking to our young people in the states to run for state party positions, host community service events, run for public office, and assist on crucial campaigns where the youth vote can swing an election. Our meetings are always open to the public, so please attend so we can hear your suggestions and feedback.

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