Build the Bench

Program Overview

Launched in 2024, Build the Bench is a full-time paid program designed to train the next generation of talented, diverse leaders in progressive politics. 

The Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) inaugural Build the Bench cohort hails from across the country and represents a diversity of backgrounds, skills, and lived experiences. They are united by a commitment to leadership, ability to take on challenges, eagerness to learn, and understanding of the ways their identities have shaped who they are and how they envision contributing to our mission of electing Democrats up and down the ballot. 

As Communicators, the inaugural Build the Bench cohort completes an intensive training and mentorship program, equipping them with the technical skills most sought-after in our ecosystem, especially in the world of political communications. Together, cohort members closely collaborate with committee and campaign staff and directly impact preparations for the upcoming election.

Program Phases

Institute (March 25 – April 19, 2024)

Members of the inaugural Build the Bench cohort complete an intensive and rigorous training Institute which takes place at DNC HQ in Washington, DC. This training program equips the cohort with the skills most sought-after in our ecosystem, especially in the world of political communications. Curriculum is centered on the following themes: leadership development, political foundations, and position-based technical skills.

Immersion (April 29 – May 24, 2024)

During the Immersion period, cohort members join a DNC department to gain hands-on experience and refine their communications skills while receiving mentorship and coaching from DNC staff. Cohort members will choose to focus their journey along one of the three paths below. 

  1. Digital Communications: cohort members may engage grassroots donors and supporters through email, phone-banking, SMS, and social media platforms. 
  2. Traditional Communications: cohort members may draft press releases, monitor media, and disseminate vital information to those in our campaign world. 
  3. Polling & Research: cohort members may study voting patterns and track candidates and our opposition (MAGA Republicans!).

Deployment (June 3 – November 20, 2024)

With skills needed to thrive and demonstrated success within teams, the cohort prepares to  transition to full-time Deployment working in political communications at DNC HQ, within a state party, or with the presidential campaign in Wilmington, DE from June 3, 2024 until the campaign cycle ends on November 20, 2024. Although placements are not guaranteed, our goal is for each cohort member to obtain a full-time position. 

Contact us

Contact the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team via email at with any questions.