The DNC Tech team develops solutions to the most pressing problems facing campaigns up and down the ballot. The team provides infrastructure that lasts beyond an election cycle, to be leveraged by Democratic campaigns.

Our mission is to equip the Democrats of today and tomorrow to run modern, data-driven campaigns by providing access to ever improving data, world-class technical expertise, and a scalable, stable, and secure data infrastructure, all in the name of getting Democrats elected across our country and across the ticket.

Who we serve

The DNC Tech team provides infrastructure, data, tools, and technical and cybersecurity expertise to organizations throughout the Democratic ecosystem.

The team partners with analytics, technology, voter protection, security, research, and communications teams at:

  • Federal candidate campaigns
  • State parties
  • Sister committees (DCCC, DSCC, DGA, DAGA, DLCC)
  • Down ballot campaigns – from senate to school board

Our products

The DNC Tech team builds infrastructure and tools for every Democratic campaign.

Data warehouse & tooling

Phoenix data warehouse

Phoenix, the cloud-based data warehouse powered by Google, is leveraged by state parties, sister committees, and candidate campaigns. Phoenix has 99.9% uptime, essential security controls, and near infinite scalability.

Portal tool hub

Portal, the Phoenix tool hub, provides tooling to automate workflows and organization administration. Helpful tools include importing/exporting data between tools and sequencing and scheduling jobs.

Data analytics & data science

Enriched national voter file data

DNC Tech processes, standardizes, and enriches voter files for all 50 states and DC. Additionally, the DNC acquires critical data like phone numbers and geocodes that campaigns up and down ballot leverage to effectively reach voters.

Models to improve voter targeting

The DNC has unique access to decades of campaign data. Using this rich historical data, the data science team builds custom data science models like Democratic Support, Education, and Phone Contactability. These models help campaigns determine messaging, outreach channels, and targeting. Campaigns save time and money by leveraging the DNC models rather than each having to build their own.

Voting services

IWillVote & polling location lookup

The DNC is the source of truth for up-to-date voting information for voters via

Campaigns leverage IWillVote & the IWillVote widget to help voters determine when, how, and where to vote.

Voter protection

The DNC Tech team partners with the DNC Voter Protection and Civic Engagement team to provide voter protection programs with software and data to manage volunteers, report & escalate incidents, and monitor voter purge trends.


The cybersecurity team is focused on guarding against cybersecurity attacks and preparing the Democratic ecosystem to do so. Learn more here.


The counter-disinformation team detects, monitors, and counters disinformation, as well as provides education for the Democratic ecosystem on combatting disinformation. Learn more here.

Our team

The DNC Tech team is composed of top-tier talent with experience across the private and public sector. Representing diverse professional backgrounds including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, presidential campaigns, congressional campaigns, and university faculty, this unique blend of political and technological expertise enables the DNC Tech team to build relevant and enduring solutions to help Democrats win elections.

Get involved

Are you passionate about helping Democrats up and down the ballot when not only in 2020, but also in future election cycles?

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Donate to Iterate, DNC Tech’s Fund, here.
  • Join our team! Check out open roles here.
  • Learn more about our work on our Medium.