Donald Trump Owns the Worst Job Record in Modern American History, President Biden Continues To Bolster the Economy With Nearly 15 Million New Jobs

In response to today’s strong February jobs report, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: “President Biden has delivered America the world’s best economic recovery, and today’s jobs report is the latest proof. President Biden has helped create nearly 15 million new jobs and an unemployment rate… Read More

As President Biden’s Historic PACT Act Reaches the Milestone of 1 Million Approved Claims, the Biden-Harris Administration Is Delivering for Veterans Where Trump Failed 

As President Biden announces that the administration has reached 1 million approved PACT Act claims, DNC Deputy National Press Secretary Nina Raneses released the following statement:  “Today, President Biden reached a new milestone in his fight to deliver for our nation’s veterans: the Biden-Harris administration has now granted more than… Read More

House GOP Called Border Security “Top Priority” – Until Trump Got Them To Kill the Bipartisan Border Deal

As MAGA House Republicans continue to rail against the bipartisan border security bill because Donald Trump directed them to do so, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:  “Donald Trump’s MAGA allies in the House GOP once claimed that border security was ‘a job for Congress’… Read More

Trump Turned His Back on New Hampshire Veterans, but President Biden Is Fighting for Them

Ahead of President Biden’s visit to New Hampshire, DNC spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement:  “President Biden has always shown up for America’s servicemembers and veterans — from championing the historic PACT Act to expanding and strengthening the Department of Veterans Affairs. In contrast, Donald Trump mocked those who… Read More

REMINDER: MAGA Republicans Had a Chance to Protect IVF – And They Chose to Block Protections Instead

As Donald Trump and his MAGA minions continue to threaten IVF access, DNC Spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement:  “Donald Trump and his extreme MAGA minions have made clear that they’re coming for every aspect of reproductive freedom, including threatening access to IVF for Americans who want to start… Read More

ICYMI: Republican State Parties Losing the Ground Game As Democrats in the States Continue to Out-Organize and Out-Fundraise Them

With less than six months until the election, Republican state parties are demonstrating that they have no plan to win. As they elect MAGA extremists to lead their parties, bleed cash, and battle each other, it’s clear that they don’t have what it takes to build the infrastructure necessary for… Read More

Sunday Scaries: Trump’s MAGA Mouthpieces Attack Democracy and Reproductive Freedom While Whitewashing Trump’s Record

In response to Trump’s surrogates refusing to commit to accepting election results, supporting extreme national abortion bans, and getting called out on their own past criticism of Trump’s disgusting record, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:  “Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, and Elise Stefanik each took to… Read More