In the Face of Republicans Choosing The NRA Over Our Children, Biden Takes Action To Keep Our Communities Safe

While Republican lawmakers have proven time and time again that they would rather stand with the gun lobby instead of protecting our nation’s children and supporting commonsense gun safety measures, President Biden is calling out the gun lobby and has been using every tool at his disposal to combat gun… Read More

The Republican Party Continues Its Unrelenting War On Reproductive Rights

Every day since the draft Supreme Court opinion indicating conservative justices are set to overturn Roe v. Wade, Republicans have indicated what their post-Roe world looks like – criminalizing abortion, throwing doctors in jail, and potentially jeopardizing some forms of birth control and IVF treatments. Yesterday, the Republican-led Oklahoma legislature… Read More

NEW: Wisconsin GOP Platform Calls for Criminalizing Abortion

This weekend, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is set to vote on their midterm platform that calls for charging abortion providers with a class A felony—punishable by life in prison. In response, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement: “This is what Republicans’ post-Roe world looks like—hellbent on criminalizing abortion,… Read More

PHOTOS: DNC Chair Harrison Hosts Listening Session with Haitian and Latino Community Leaders in Florida

Today, Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison traveled to Miami, Florida to host a listening session with Haitian and Latino community leaders and the Florida Democratic Party. During the events Chair Harrison highlighted that while Republicans like Ron Desantis, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are focused only on pushing their… Read More