McCarthy’s Bargain: Side with Republicans Willing to Undermine Economy to Force Spending Cuts, Get the Speaker’s Gavel

Kevin McCarthy is desperate to become House speaker — and he needs every vote he can get. Now, seven extreme House Republicans put out a letter demanding that McCarthy threaten to CRASH THE ECONOMY to force cuts to key programs, which could include Social Security and Medicare, if he wants… Read More

LOCAL NEWS: Biden Highlights Manufacturing Boom in Arizona

Yesterday, President Biden visited Phoenix, Arizona, to highlight how his economic agenda is sparking a wave of new good-paying manufacturing jobs across the country. During the visit, the president celebrated TSMC’s $40B investment in chip manufacturing, which will lead to thousands of manufacturing jobs supported by the CHIPS and Science Act;… Read More

Former DNC Chairs on the DNC’s 2024 Presidential Nominating Calendar

Following the DNC’s Rule and Bylaws Committee vote to approve the Democratic presidential nominating calendar, former DNC Chairs Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe, Tom Perez, Ed Rendell, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:  “As former chairs of the Democratic National Committee, we commend President Biden… Read More