Banning Abortion Nationwide is the GOP Agenda

Don’t buy the spin — the Republican Party’s plans to pass a national abortion ban are not new or something Hill Republicans need more time to read. They’ve been calling for a total abortion ban for years.

Don’t just take it from us — Lindsey Graham has introduced a national abortion ban at least five times before. When he last introduced it in January 2021, 45 Senate Republicans joined them in support of banning abortion nationwide.

Washington Post: “When Graham introduced a version of the national ban in January 2021, he got 45 co-sponsors.”

And just yesterday, more than 80 House Republicans cosponsored a “companion” bill just as extreme and dangerous as Lindsey Graham’s. Make no mistake: Banning abortion in every state is the GOP party line. 

But the anti-choice extremism doesn’t stop there: Earlier this year, Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Mike Kelly introduced federal legislation that would ban abortion before many women even know they are pregnant — with 123 House Republicans signing on as cosponsors.

NPR Pittsburgh: “Western Pa. congressman’s federal abortion-ban proposal gains support after Supreme Court ruling”

As if that weren’t enough, 166 House Republicans last year backed West Virginia GOP Congressman Alex Mooney’s extreme fetal personhood law, which could lay the groundwork to ban some forms of contraceptives.

TIME: “Fetal personhood laws could also impact contraception access, given that some members of the anti-abortion movement argue that IUDs and the emergency contraception Plan B can prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg and violate personhood, explains Mary Ziegler, an abortion law historian.”

Let’s be perfectly clear: If Republicans take control, they will vote to pass a national abortion ban. This is the GOP’s radical agenda.