Democrats Spotlight Contrast Between Republicans and Democrats

As the Republican Party spent today doubling down on their plan to raise taxes on middle- and lower-income Americans, refusing to condemn former President Trump for his praise of Putin, and trying to mislead the American people on President Biden’s record, the DNC was there holding them accountable every step of the way. See for yourself: 

In response to Kim Reynolds’s misleading speech…

DNC War Room: What You Need To Know About Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds
DNC War Room: FACT CHECK: President Biden’s Historic Economy
DNC War Room: FACT CHECK: President Biden and Democrats Reopened Schools with American Rescue Plan Funds 

In response to Rick Scott confirming that Republicans’ plan is to raise taxes on over half of Americans…

DNC War Room: McConnell’s Upset Rick Scott Blew The Door Open On Their Plan To Raise Taxes
DNC War Room: Rick Scott Confirms Republicans Will Keep Talking About Their Plan to Raise Taxes

In response to Republicans continuing to refuse to condemn President Trump… 

DNC War Room: WATCH: RNC Chairwoman Stands By Donald Trump’s Praise of Putin
DNC War Room: Does Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Agree With Donald Trump’s Praise of Putin?
DNC War Room: Trump’s National Security Advisor: Trump Didn’t Deter Russia DNC War Room: Marco Rubio and Republicans *STILL* Won’t Condemn Trump’s Praise For Putin

And Democrats in states across the country joined in… 

In North Carolina: Budd Doubles Down On Putin Praise: “He’s A Very Intelligent Actor”
In Massachusetts Do MA Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?
In Illinois: Do Illinois Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?
In Nebraska: Nebraska Republicans have a few questions to answer
In South Carolina: Do Drew McKissick and South Carolina Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?
In Oklahoma: Do Oklahoma Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?