DNC Battleground Brief

This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief — a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270. 


1) “The suburban revolt against President Donald Trump’s Republican Party is growing.” Independent-minded, suburban voters continued to shift sharply against Trump.

A few of the highlights:

  • In Pennsylvania: in Delaware County Democrats won control of the City Council for the first time since the Civil War; in Bucks County Democrats took control of the Board of Commissioners for the first time since 1983; and in Chester County Democrats swept the County Commissioner races.

2) Trump’s agenda was on the ballot.

  • Trump In Kentucky: Bevin losing “sends a really bad message… you can’t let that happen to me!”

  • POLITICO: “Why Democrats keep winning on health care.”

  • Washington Post: “To accomplish its goals for Medicaid, the Trump administration needs the help of state political leaders – and election results in Kentucky and Virginia yesterday made that less likely as Democrats widened their control in those states.”

  • Fox Business: “Medicaid expansion scores big victory in 2019 elections.”

  • NPR: “Gun Control Is Front And Center In Virginia Races”

  • The New York Times:  “An electoral shift with climate consequences.”

3) The AP wrote the elections “will test voter enthusiasm and party organization.” The Democratic victories speak for themselves. 

  • Vox: Winner: Democratic organization and enthusiasm. “Virginia and Kentucky demonstrated one clear thing: Democrats were fired up. No matter what caveats exist in each state, that’s great news for the Democratic Party heading into 2020.”

  • In Virginia, estimates show early voting turnout from 18-29 year olds increased by 300 percent.

  • ActBlue announced 67,000 unique donors made hundreds of thousands of contributions to support Virginia races, donating 2.5 times more money to candidates in VA as compared to 2017.

  • For the first time, the Democratic Data Exchange was up and running in Kentucky ahead of yesterday’s election to enhance Democratic data for GOTV.



DNC MEMO: ONE YEAR OUT, THE DNC IS PREPARING TO WIN THE GENERAL ELECTION. Democrats are taking nothing for granted and laying the groundwork across a wide battleground map so that our eventual nominee and candidates down the ballot can defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020. READ the full memo detailing the DNC’s general election programs HERE.

FROM CBS ON THE DNC’S “EARLY INVESTMENTS.” “In a briefing with reporters Thursday, a Democratic National Committee official said the party has increased its investment in state parties by 33 percent, compared to this time of year in 2015 when Democrats were getting ready for the 2016 general elections… The DNC is also training staff to be ready to help the nominee once he or she is chosen. A DNC official said the committee will have 1,000 organizers ready to go in June 2020 for the nominee. In 2016, Hillary Clinton dramatically ramped up her staffing, from 330 organizers in April 2016 to 3,800 for the general. It is difficult to find talent at that scale so quickly, so the DNC is preparing for that earlier this time around.”

  • WFLA: All-out race for control of Congress one year out of 2020 election “‘We’ve got organizers on the ground right now who are talking to voters today about Trump’s record of broken promises,’ David Bergstein with the DNC said… ‘The DNC is making historic early investments across the battleground states to ensure that our eventual nominee has strong pathways to 270 electoral votes,’ Bergstein added.”

Newsweek & The Hill highlight Dems’ Latino & youth organizing programs. 

  • NEWSWEEK: To oust Trump from office in 2020, Democrats shift college student messaging: Don’t just vote, join the movement “‘That’s how we won in 2008 and 2012. Voting for [President] Barack Obama wasn’t just about voting for Barack Obama, it was about a community movement to make your country a better place,’…Organizing Corps 2020 Executive Director Rachel Haltom-Irwin told Newsweek. To do that, Democrats launched Organizing Corps 2020, a training program for 1,000 college seniors in eight states, including seven that Trump won. They will receive intensive instruction on voting rules and campaign strategy, and by June 2020 they’ll serve as the grass-roots infrastructure for the Democratic nominee’s campaign, knocking on doors and building a volunteer force in their area.”

  • THE HILL: Interview: DNC chair calls Latinos ‘imperative’ to winning in battleground states “Perez said in an exclusive interview with The Hill on Tuesday that investing in Latino voters is ‘an electoral imperative and frankly, for me as the first Latino DNC chair, it’s a moral imperative.’…‘You look at places like Wisconsin, I mean, you don’t think of that when you initially think of where’s the Latino vote,’ Perez said. ‘I look at those key industrial Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — three states that we won in 2018 and we lost in 2016.’…‘My observation is: Politics became too transactional on the Democratic side. You know, we’d show up, we’d do a three-month sprint before an election. Today’s DNC is about building 12-month-a-year relationships,’ said Perez.”


DEMOCRATIC STATE PARTIES ARE PREPARING TO WIN. Democratic state parties across the country are capitalizing on wins from 2019 and building the infrastructure our eventual nominee and Democrats at every level need to win in 2020:


  • IN GA: AJC: The Jolt: Georgia Democrats welcome Donald Trump with a rebuke “With a wind-chilled gathering at the state Capitol, Georgia Democrats decided to welcome Trump with an early morning rebuke. State Sen. Nikema Williams of Atlanta, the chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said Trump was bringing his ‘backwards agenda to Georgia to pretend like his actions haven’t been a disaster for the black community and marginalized communities across this entire country.’”

  • IN FL: Palm Beach Post: Donald Trump Jr. shows other side in promoting book — then sparks firestorm on Twitter “Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Terrie Rizzo believes Trump, Jr.’s Palm Beach appearance is nothing more than self-promotion for economic gain. ‘Donald Trump Jr. said he is disgusted by people who trade in on their family name, but we wouldn’t be talking about him if not for his name,’ Rizzo said in a text message to The Palm Beach Post. ‘I am sure his book is full of the hypocritical and hateful rhetoric he spews every day.’ Talk of political office, some say, is premature.”

  • IN VA: WTVR: “‘Virginians proudly rejected Trump’s empty promises in 2016, and we can’t wait to do it again on Tuesday,’ Democratic Party of Virginia Communications Director Jake Rubenstein said in response to Pence’s visit.”

  • IN NH: New Hampshire Union Leader: Pence denies quid pro quo as he files for Trump in NH “New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley was critical of Pence’s statements about the impeachment process. “Nothing Pence says today can erase the truth. In 2016, Trump promised the world to Granite Staters. In the three years since, he hasn’t delivered anything but a trail of broken promises,’ Buckley wrote in a statement.”


  • Trump is 21 points underwater on his handling of health care is

  • Overall, 50% of voters in the four states strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance, while only 25% strongly approve.


POLITICO: Pennsylvania suburbs revolt against Trump

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APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN, FROM POLITICO’S MORNING SCORE: STAFFING UP — The DNC is launching applications for the second and third wave of Organizing Corps 2020, a paid training and organizing program in battleground states that include Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota and Florida.

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