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Welcome to the DNC’s new Battleground Brief — a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270.  

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE,  EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE, WE’LL BE…. HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR BROKEN PROMISES. Wherever Donald Trump and his cronies went this past week, Democrats were there to call out his broken promises and hold him accountable for hurting middle class families. See for yourself:

In Pennsylvania

  • TribLive, HEADLINE: Pa. Democrats slam Trump on jobs, economy ahead of his Pittsburgh visit.‘“‘The idea that Donald Trump will come to our state to talk about the economy is frankly insulting,’ Bloomingdale said. ‘He promised he’d bring back manufacturing, and yet economists say the manufacturing sector is in recession.’ The U.S. Labor Department reported in September that Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — two important swing states in 2020 — have lost the highest number of manufacturing jobs in the country in 2019, Bloomingdale said.” 
  • CBS 2 Pittsburgh: “‘Trump’s record is a story of broken promises, and that’s why we believe that voters will hold him accountable and vote him out of office in 2020,’ said David Bergstein with the Democratic National Committee.”
  • From Pittsburgh NPR: 

In Wisconsin: 

  • Fox 6, HEADLINE: Kenosha Democrats held rally to highlight what they call Pres. Trump’s broken promises. “Union members, community leaders, and the Kenosha Democrats held a rally Wednesday, Oct. 23 to speak out against a proposed trade deal that would replace NAFTA. ‘Wisconsin has lost more than 6,200 manufacturing jobs in the last year alone. Second only to Pennsylvania in the country for lost manufacturing jobs over the last year. Farms are going out of business in Wisconsin at a near-record rate. More than two family farms closing their barn doors forever, every day,’ said Ben Wikler, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair.” 

In South Carolina: 

  • WCSC, HEADLINE: Ahead of SC visit to HBCU, Trump faces backlash over ‘lynching’ comment in tweet “‘He is an embarrassment, and he is not welcome in our state’ South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Trav Robertson Jr. ‘It is a disgrace to the presidency, the country, and the history of the struggle African Americans have gone through in our history. How does he expect to have any credibility on criminal justice when this is how he speaks about one of the darkest times in our history?’”

In Michigan:

Read more about Democrats holding Trump and his cronies accountable in these states and CO, AZ and KS HERE.


“Three years ago tomorrow, Donald Trump came to Delaware County, and he made a promise to the people of Ohio. In a speech at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on Oct. 20, 2016, Trump pledged to ‘protect the economic interest of the American worker and the national interest of the United States’ by creating an ‘American Desk’ to handle trade issues.

Trump never took action on his ‘American Desk’ idea — instead he conducts trade policy by Tweet, enraging our allies and making nice with tyrants”

More here.


Out of the 21 states with manufacturing job losses so far this year, some of those experiencing the greatest percentage declines are states where Trump won by less than 5 percentage points. In Pennsylvania, the manufacturing sector lost 8,100 jobs. In North Carolina, it was 7,700 from that sector; and Wisconsin lost 6,500 jobs.

The closure of Wood-Mode, a 77-year-old family-owned factory among the farmland of rural Kreamer, Pennsylvania, was responsible for over 900 of the manufacturing jobs lost in that state this year, one of the most by a single company.”

‘He lied,’ said Trish Amato, who worked at a General Motors plant in the area that stopped production earlier this year. ‘He told everybody it’s all coming back,’ said Amato. ‘It’s not. It’s harder and harder to find a job.’”



The massive job cuts come despite Trump’s promise to restore manufacturing to the very states seeing a decline.”

FLORIDA MAN. POLITICO: Florida GOP official accused of ‘misdeeds’ and retaliation while at VA.  ‘A top official with the Republican Party of Florida buried whistleblower complaints and engaged in retaliation and ‘misdeeds’ while he was at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The conclusions were part of a report released Thursday by the VA Office of Inspector General that accuses Peter O’Rourke, the Florida party’s executive director, of misusing his leadership position at the VA’s Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection between June 2017 and February 2018.”

FLASHBACK: POLITICO: Trump’s enemies add up in the wrong state.

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