DNC Launches Black Media Ads Celebrating President Biden and Democrats Lowering Costs for Working Families

Ad campaign also calls out Republicans for siding with special interests instead of voting to lower costs

As part of the DNC’s seven-figure ad campaign touting President Biden and Democrats’ continued focus and historic work to lower costs for the American people, the DNC is announcing ads on Black radio stations and in Black community newspapers in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

“President Biden and Democrats have delivered win after win for the American people,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “While Democrats are lowering costs for working families and demonstrating that the government can work for them, Republicans continue to try to stand in the way and are pursuing an extreme MAGA agenda that would cost working families. We’re proud to take our message directly to the Black community and remind them that thanks to President Biden and Democrats, powerful special interests lost and Americans won.”

“President Biden is delivering and making a difference in our community,” said DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie M. Rollins. “The DNC is not taking anything for granted this November, and we are making the much-needed investments in Black communities across the country to ensure every voter knows the work President Biden and Democrats are doing to overcome special interests while lowering costs for Americans.”

This is the latest round of ads the DNC has run in Black media this year, with two previous six-figure buys that have touched states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well as run on SiriusXM’s Urban View.

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Once again our President Joe Biden is proving that he is focused on lowering everyday costs. 

The Democrats’ plan will lower the costs of prescription drugs, energy, and health care for millions, including in our community – and it will create good-paying jobs. 

It’s paid for by making big corporations pay their fair share – so working families like ours won’t pay a penny more in taxes. 

As President Biden and Vice President Harris continue to fight for us like they promised, these extreme MAGA Republicans keep on working against us. They had the nerve to side with drug companies and vote against lowering the price of insulin. They voted against lowering seniors’ prescription drug costs, and that’s after they’ve proposed cutting Medicare and Social Security. What’s next? 

President Biden is getting us results. But he needs our help to protect and elect more Democrats to continue this progress. Our vote matters. This November, let’s go vote for Democrats who are fighting for us. 

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