Today the Democratic National Committee is releasing a Michigan-specific version of its new advertisement highlighting Donald Trump’s failed record on trade. The ad, entitled “Played,” highlights the devastating impact of Trump’s reckless trade policies on Michigan workers and farmers.

“Trump said he’d get tough on China, but he didn’t. Trump clamored for a trade war with China and said that it would be easy to win, but he lost. And Trump’s go-it-alone tariffs inflicted pain on Michigan workers, not China. Instead of forcing China to the table to negotiate a trade deal that protected us, China smelled Trump’s desperation and played him like a cheap guitar,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Working families in Michigan — and across the country — can’t afford four more years of Trump losing to China.”

The spot is part of the DNC’s new push highlighting Trump’s record on trade and China nationally and in key battleground states — including a virtual event this week in Michigan with Mayor Pete Buttigeg, DNC Chair Tom Perez and MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. The DNC also held events this week in Pennsylvania with Senator Elizabeth Warren and with Wisconsin farmers.

Earlier this month, the DNC also released polling from six battleground states, including Michigan, detailing how voters in these states disagree with Trump’s handling of China during his administration .

The ad will reach voters in Michigan and generate hundreds of thousands of impressions as part of the DNC’s six-figure campaign over the course of five weeks to hold Trump accountable.



Announcer: Trump said he’d get tough on China. He didn’t get tough — he got played.

Announcer: Trump lost a trade war that he started.

Announcer: Farmers, bankrupted. Steel workers, betrayed. And manufacturing, in a recession.

Announcer: Donald Trump lost.

Announcer: And Michigan can’t afford for more years of losing.

Joe Biden: I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.