Republicans Owe Americans Some Answers

Now that Congress is back in session, Republican lawmakers owe the American people a few answers as they continue to push their extreme MAGA agenda.

Will more Republicans in Congress join McConnell in siding with China and Big Pharma over American jobs?

How do Republicans explain the new Republican Study Committee plan to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits?

Mother Jones: “A little-noticed budget document, the Blueprint to Save America, released in June by the Republican Study Committee, details the group’s priorities. Since nearly 75 percent of Republican House lawmakers are RSC members, these priorities are shared by a majority of the GOP caucus. The 122-page manifesto, containing a laundry list of longstanding conservative desires, calls for significantly reducing the size of America’s social safety net… [and] raising the age requirement to receive full Social Security benefits.” 

Do Republicans agree with Kristi Noem and other Republicans that a 10-year-old girl should be forced to carry their rapist’s child to term?

CNN: “South Dakota governor defends state’s abortion ‘trigger’ ban when asked if 10-year-old should be forced to give birth”

Whether holding American jobs hostage for personal political gain or passing cruel abortion bans that hurt child rape victims, Republicans at all levels have made it clear that they are not to be trusted with power.