Welcome to our Phone Bank Hub Program

The DNC’s Organize Everywhere Phone Bank Hub program is where grassroots volunteers, organizations, and existing volunteer phone bank leaders can organize together in support of the DNC’s goals. With this program, our impact can grow exponentially and help activate organizations into taking action with the Democrats!


What Is a Phone Bank Hub?

A Phone Bank Hub is a volunteer-led organization or group that makes calls on behalf of the DNC! Every Hub calls on behalf of the Organize Everywhere priorities.

A Phone Bank Hub is led by a DNC-trained volunteer, who manages the group, along with any co-hosts or other volunteer leaders to support them. You don’t have to do it alone!


Quick Steps To Becoming a Phone Bank Hub

  1. Set up a 1:1 with a DNC organizer! The first step to becoming a Phone Bank Hub is connecting with an organizer to learn more about the program. Schedule a time to meet with an organizer here to get started!
  2. Register your group on the DNC’s Mobilize dashboard! Using our Mobilize 101 guide, you are able to list your group’s events on our Mobilize dashboard. This helps us keep track of what phone banks are happening, and allows you to manage attendees and event details.
  3. Complete training as necessary. We have specialized training depending on your experience and needs! During your 1:1 with an organizer, they will help you determine what training you need, and get you set up. The training can be completed on your own time. 
  4. Host a phone bank with the DNC dialer! Once you have registered and completed any training with our team, you can start to use our dialer and host your phone bank! If you are already with an organizing group, this means setting aside time for phone banking. If you are starting a new group, this means recruiting for and establishing your group!



I want my phone bank to just call voters in one state or district. Is that possible?

At this time, we do not have the capabilities for each phone bank to have specialized districts. We work together on priority campaigns, to maximize our impact and streamline our process! 

Does my group have to always use the DNC dialer (Scale to Win)?
We require our Hubs to use our dialer whenever possible. If there is a campaign that you are in contact with and want to mix in some phone banks with their dialer, or give callers an option to use either, that is great! We just ask that our dialer is a part of your rotation.

Do Phone Bank Hubs have to be virtual?
No! A Phone Bank Hub can be virtual OR in person. If you already have a group and would rather run a phone bank in person, that is just fine! Find resources on running an in-person event HERE