President Biden Delivers for Wisconsin While Trump Backs Billionaires Over Working Families

Today, President Biden’s visit to Racine, Wisconsin will underscore how his economic agenda is uplifting Wisconsin families by creating good-paying jobs, cutting costs, and building the middle class. Just last week, Trump spent his short time in Wisconsin lying about President Biden’s economic wins, because he knows that his only… Read More

Reminder: Donald Trump is Responsible for Deeply Unpopular, Extreme Abortion Bans in Georgia and Throughout the South

Today, on the anniversary of MAGA Governor Brian Kemp signing Georgia’s extreme abortion ban into law, DNC spokesperson Jackie Bush released the following statement:  “Thanks to Donald Trump and his MAGA minions, women in Georgia and throughout the South have lost critical access to reproductive care, emergency treatment and more. Read More

REMINDER: President Biden and Vice President Harris Are Lowering Health Care Costs for AANHPI Communities

In honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re reflecting on the work that President Biden and Vice President Harris are doing every day to fight for policies that support the AANHPI community. Thanks to President Biden and Vice President Harris, the health insurance gap for… Read More

DNC Statement Commemorating “Cinco de Mayo”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Latino Caucus Chair Iris Martinez released the following statement to commemorate Cinco de Mayo: “During the Battle of Puebla, a small group of soldiers, outnumbered 3 to 1, defeated Napoleon’s French Foreign Legion and successfully defended Puebla, a small town in Central Mexico. Today,… Read More

Latinas Are Suffering Under Trump’s Extremist Abortion Bans 

As Trump’s abortion bans continue to be implemented by his MAGA allies in states across the nation, Latinas are suffering the consequences. DNC spokesperson Kenia Guerrero released the following statement:   “Trump’s extremism and attacks on our freedom continue to disproportionately impact communities of color. As Trump’s extreme abortion bans spread… Read More

Extremists and Election Deniers: At Nevada GOP Convention, Trump’s MAGA Allies Assemble 

As members of the Nevada Republican Party gather for their state convention, DNC spokesperson Stephanie Justice released the following statement: “As if the Nevada GOP wasn’t already chock-full of extremists, Kash Patel and Scott Presler – two of Trump’s MAGA cronies – are slated to convene with Nevada’s Republicans… Read More