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This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief — a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270. 

WHILE BIDEN LEADS ON CLEAN ENERGY JOBS, DEMOCRATS SLAM TRUMP’S BROKEN PROMISES. As Joe Biden unveiled his plan to empower workers while creating millions of new clean energy jobs, Democrats across the battleground states slammed Donald Trump’s ineffectiveness and broken promises. See for yourself:

  • In Arizona: Rep. Ruben Gallego: “Four years ago, Donald Trump promised to fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and bring back American jobs. In reality, Trump has proven himself to be a con artist intent on enriching himself and his wealthy, well-connected supporters while leaving working families behind.”
  • In Florida: FL Dems: “While Trump is standing in the way of progress, Joe Biden is offering a thoughtful, comprehensive plan to mitigate the climate crisis and create millions of clean energy jobs.”
  • In Georgia: TWU Local 527 President BenYoel Morgan: “Donald Trump has left working Georgians out to dry. At least 600,000 Georgians are out of work, and more than 116,000 have contracted the virus.”
  • In Maine: ME Dems: “Donald Trump has failed to mobilize this country around the existential threat of the climate crisis […] We must elect Joe Biden in November so that, as a nation, we can finally start to mitigate climate change and create millions of clean energy jobs in the process.”
  • In Michigan: Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Secretary/Treasurer Jeannette Bradshaw: “Donald Trump has failed us. Instead of betting on Michigan workers, he has launched an all-out attack on our environment — costing us jobs in the process.”
  • In Nevada: Rep. Dina Titus: “Four years ago, Donald Trump parachuted into Las Vegas and promised to fight for working families across Nevada. Instead, he has fought to enrich the wealthy and well-connected — including himself — while attacking workers’ rights and advancing a shortsighted energy policy that hurts Nevada’s economy.”
  • In New Hampshire: NH Dems: “More than ever, Granite Staters deserve a leader we can count on to deliver the resources we need to survive this crisis and build back better. We saw through Trump’s empty promises in 2016, and we know we can’t afford four more years of his incompetence.”
  • In Ohio: Rep. Tim Ryan: “As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to Ohio. And as president, his economic policy and his incompetence has cratered the Ohio economy — starting long before this pandemic.”
  • In Pennsylvania: PA Dems: “This leadership contrasts with Donald Trump, who has failed to deliver for Pennsylvania workers or keep his promise to rebuild America.” 
  • In Texas: TX Dems: “For four years, Texans have been paying the price for Donald Trump’s empty promises to invest in infrastructure and bring back jobs. Now, millions of Texas have lost their jobs.”
  • In Virginia: State Delegate Sam Rasoul: “What we need to do is make sure that we’re using this as an opportunity to create jobs and have a just transition. […] I know that this November, we have a clear, distinct decision to make: what direction our country is going to go in. Let’s make sure that this November, we get out and vote like our lives depend on it.”
  • In Wisconsin: USW District 2 Director Michael Bolton: “The greatest trick Trump ever played on working people was making them believe he cared about them. Even before the pandemic hit, everything Trump has done as president has made it harder for working Wisconsinites to get ahead.”

“CALLOUS AND CLUELESS:” EDUCATORS SHRED TRUMP-DEVOS PANDEMIC RESPONSE. Betsy DeVos decided to follow up her disastrous Sunday show interviews with a week of closed-door Federalist Society events. Meanwhile, Democrats and educators across the battlegrounds slammed the Trump administration’s attempts to force unsafe school reopenings by threatening to withhold federal education funding.

In Arizona:

Superintendent Kathy Hoffman on KSAZ: “Trump’s push to reopen schools is completely out of touch with reality here on the ground in Arizona.” 

  • KAWC: “‘I can tell you that after the abrupt goodbyes in the spring that our teachers in Arizona want to re-enter their classrooms and they want to be with their students as soon as it is safely possible,’ Hoffman said. ‘However, it’s clear that right now it is not safe to do so and a reckless attempt to reopen without grounding those decisions in data will put the lives of our educators and our students at risk.’” 

In Florida:

FL Dems: “‘Trump’s push to reopen schools with a one size fits all approach is proof that he has a complete lack of understanding of the dire situation here in Florida, and a lack of empathy for the teachers and families who will bear the brunt of his reckless decisions,’ said Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Frances Swanson. ‘Floridians deserve a president who will put public health and safety over politics. Floridians deserve Joe Biden.’”

In Michigan: 

WLNS: State Democrats to slam school re-opening plan by Betsy Devos. “The Michigan Democratic Party is holding a virtual press conference today to discuss how to safely re-open schools in Michigan and their total disagreement with the plan set forth by the Education Secretary, Betsy Devos.”

In Ohio:

WSYX: DeVos Threatens District Money. “Ohio educators are calling the head of the U.S. Department of Education reckless as she pushes for all schools to open within these next few weeks. […] ‘I find it shameful that Betsy DeVos is going to be doing a virtual event in Ohio tomorrow, talking to the Federalist [Society], but she’s not reaching out to any educators.’”

  • The Columbus Dispatch: “Callous and clueless” – Ohio teachers unions slam Trump’s call to fully reopen schools. “Democrats and Ohio’s teacher unions blasted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as ‘callous and clueless’ for her call to fully reopen schools this fall amid a surge in coronavirus infections. ‘Two words come to mind: callous and clueless,’ said Scott DiMauro, president of the Ohio Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union. ‘Secretary DeVos’ comments about just utterly disregarding the health and safety threat (of) reopening schools without clear public health guidance imposes was actually pretty shocking.’”

In Wisconsin: 

Wisconsin Teacher On WFRV: “They don’t care that children, parents, and teachers will inevitably get sick, may carry lifelong ailments from exposure to the illness, and that some will most certainly die.”

HAPPY TAX DAY — DEMS BLAST TRUMP TAX SCAM. As working people across the country finished filing their taxes this week, battleground state Democrats blasted Trump’s tax scam, which will end up raising taxes on working families while funnelling billions to the ultra-wealthy.


  • In Arizona: AZ Dems: “Donald Trump is delinquent in keeping his promises to the people of Arizona. […] His signature accomplishment in office is jamming through a tax scam that lined the pockets of his wealthy donors and corporate special interests while leaving Arizona’s working families behind.”



  • In Maine: ME Dems: “Trump’s ‘tax cuts’ have always been a boon to wealthy Americans, but by 2027, most Mainers will actually pay MORE in taxes. It’s clear @realDonaldTrump’s tax scam was meant to help the wealthy while leaving the rest of us out to dry.”



  • In North Carolina: NC Dems: “While millions of Americans struggling to get by in the Trump economy file their taxes today, big corporations and banks have saved billions of dollars thanks to the president’s 2018 tax scam.”



  • In Wisconsin: WI Dems: “Trump’s economic agenda has been devastating for Wisconsinites, and as we file our taxes, we are reminded that rather than passing a meaningful tax overhaul to help working families, Trump instead lent a hand to the rich and well-connected.”


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“DENIAL AND INCOMPETENCE:” BATTLEGROUND DEMOCRATS CALL OUT TRUMP’S CRATERING ECONOMY. Following the release of state unemployment figures today, Democrats highlighted Donald Trump’s failure to help working families struggling to get by in his cratering economy.

  • FL Dems: “While Trump spends his days picking fights and insulting people on Twitter, Floridians are fighting to survive. We need a president who listens to the experts and takes action to keep us safe and get us back to work — that president is Joe Biden.”
  • NV Dems: “Thanks to Trump’s failure of leadership, 15% of Nevadans are still out of work while surging coronavirus cases continue to put lives and livelihoods at risk.”
  • NC Dems: “The story of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus is one of denial and incompetence.”
  • PA Dems: “13% of Pennsylvanians are still out of work because of Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership. It didn’t have to be this bad, but time and time again, Trump has shown more interest in his Twitter account than the health and safety of American families.”
  • VA Dems: “We need a president who will take this crisis seriously, listen to the science, and create jobs rebuilding our economy: that person is Joe Biden.”

“TRUMP THREW AMERICA TO THE WOLVES:” NEW DNC AD MAKES WAVES ACROSS THE BATTLEGROUNDS. This week, the DNC War Room released a new TV ad, “Wolves,” highlighting how Trump’s chaotic pandemic response is disproportionately impacting seniors. Here’s how it’s playing on the ground:

In Arizona:

Tucson Weekly: As AZ Emerges as a Swing State in 2020 Presidential Contest, DNC Launches New Ad Targeting Trump on Tucson Airwaves. “‘America’s seniors raised us,’ DNC Chair Tom Perez said in a prepared statement. ‘They fought for our country, and they worked to build us a better future. But when experts warned that coronavirus would hit older Arizonans hard, Trump refused to listen. He didn’t care — in fact, he pushed to open our country without the necessary safety measures, jeopardizing their health, because he thought it would help his reelection.’”

In Florida:

Sun Sentinel: Democrats’ South Florida ad tells seniors Trump threw them to the COVID-19 wolves. “A Democratic Party ad that starts running in South Florida on Friday attempts to undermine President Donald Trump with seniors by highlighting what it deems his mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic — and the outsize impact on older people.”

In Pennsylvania:

PennLive: “A new ad from the Democratic National Committee, set to start airing in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton market this morning, takes the Trump administration to task over its management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new spot, ‘Wolves,’ accuses the White House of throwing the nation to … the wolves.”

In Texas:

El Paso Matters: In rare move, DNC targets presidential ad at El Paso voters. “The Democratic National Committee on Friday began running an ad called ‘Wolves,’ aimed at senior citizens in El Paso and other communities viewed by the DNC as potential battlegrounds. The ad criticizes President Trump for mismanaging the COVID-19 response and jeopardizing the lives of older Americans.” 

HOLDING TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE. Wherever Trump and his cronies go, Democrats will be there to call out his failed record. See for yourself:

In Georgia:

The Atlanta Voice: DNC launches digital ad campaign hitting Trump’s COVID-19 response. “‘Trump’s failed coronavirus response has cost Georgians their jobs, lives –and been especially damaging for the Black community,’ said DNC Chair Tom Perez.” 

  • WSAV: Georgia democrats react to Trump’s visit, say he can’t run from COVID crisis. “Georgia democrats on Wednesday made it clear they didn’t think much of President Trump’s planned visit that afternoon to Atlanta’s airport to make an announcement regarding infrastructure. Georgia Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams who is also a state senator said it’s troubling that he was seemingly ignoring the COVID 19 crisis in the state.”
  • 11Alive: President Trump visits Georgia as issues heighten, polls tighten. “‘As thousands poured into the streets to march for Black lives, Trump has called us thugs, gassed peaceful protesters and sicced the US military on American citizens,’ said Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, during a call with reporters prior to Trump’s visit.”

In Louisiana:

LA Dems: “In January, Donald Trump told us the pandemic was ‘totally under control’ and promised that it would be ‘just fine.’ […] Now, nearly six months later, more than 135,000 Americans have lost their lives, and millions more have lost their jobs. Mike Pence can’t spin that devastating reality.”

In Michigan: 

MLive:The Michigan Democratic Party criticized Barr’s visit as an attempt to distract from President Donald Trump’s ‘embarrassing weakness on China.’”

In Pennsylvania: 

Philadelphia Inquirer: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party on Thursday called the event ‘a cheap political rally designed to appease Trump’s far-right donors.’ ‘Instead of working to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, which has claimed the lives of nearly 7,000 Pennsylvanians, Donald Trump is sending one of his lackeys to double down on their anti-LGBTQ+, antichoice agenda.’”

In Texas:

Amarillo Pioneer: “Prior to Monday night’s town hall, the Texas Democratic Party issued a statement blasting Trump for taking part in the call. ‘Today’s political stunt can’t spin the devastating toll that Trump’s failed coronavirus response has taken on essential workers across the panhandle, who are facing spiking COVID-19 cases and unemployment. Texans see right through this cheap ploy.’” 

REPUBLICANS HIT THE PANIC BUTTON. While Trump keeps funneling disinformation to his own supporters, Democrats are flocking to vote-by-mail ahead of the general election. Republican operatives are… concerned.


  • CNN: GOP to Trump: Change tune on mail-in voting or risk ugly November. “Republican officials throughout the country are reacting with growing alarm to President Donald Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots, saying his unsubstantiated claims of mass voting fraud are already corroding the views of GOP voters, who may ultimately choose not to vote at all if they can’t make it to the polls come November.”







WSJ: Democrats—and Some Republicans—See Signs of Political Realignment in the South. “Political observers say Virginia—where Democrats have consistently won over newcomers in the Washington, D.C., suburbs and exurbs—paints a cautionary tale for the GOP’s grip on power in the South.”

  • In North Carolina, “Democrats say they are seeing an advantage in new voter registrations in some states. North Carolina voter rolls have grown by 76,000 registrations since January 2017 across the 28 counties won by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper in 2016. Over the same time, total registrations fell by 5,300 across the 72 counties carried by Mr. Cooper’s Republican opponent in that race, according to data from the state board of elections.”
  • In Georgia, “‘Even some Georgia Republicans said Ms. Abrams showed Democrats’ potential in the state when they can energize millennials, women and minorities. […] Georgia is changing, there’s no question about that,’ said Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.).”
  • In Texas, Democrats see “room for growth in the Dallas and Houston suburbs, where they flipped a couple of House seats in 2018. Democrats also saw record turnout in a runoff election, despite the pandemic. Mr. Biden recently rolled out a general-election ad in Texas, marking an early investment there.”

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