Your State Could Be Next: MAGA Hot Mic Abortion Ban Roundup

Last week, across the country, millions of women’s reproductive freedom was further eroded as abortion bans across the country went into effect. The devastating and extreme bans are a reminder of the MAGA Republicans’ extreme agenda and how they remain hellbent on passing even more restrictions. 

In Idaho, extreme MAGA Republicans’ trigger law will ban nearly all abortions. 

Washington Post: “Idaho’s ‘trigger’ law, which is set to take effect Thursday, bans abortions except in cases involving rape or when a woman’s life is in danger. There is no exception if a patient faces nonlethal health risks, such as a stroke or organ damage, by continuing the pregnancy.”

In Tennessee, an already strict abortion law has become even more draconian with a near-total ban with no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest. 

The Tennessean: “The trigger law contains no exceptions for rape or incest, even for victims of child sexual abuse.”

The Tennessean: “Gov. Bill Lee last week declined to answer specific questions regarding potential exceptions for child sexual abuse victims, including whether he believes a child who becomes pregnant should be required to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth, as the law requires. ‘Our focus right now is the implementation of the current law. And there hasn’t been a discussion of any revisions to that law,’ Lee said.”

In Texas, which does not allow abortions for survivors of rape and incest, physicians who defend reproductive rights and perform abortions for these women will now risk facing large fines and up to life in prison.

Dallas Morning News: “The ban, similar to the pre-Roe ban, makes performing an abortion a felony. This includes surgical abortion procedures and medical abortion pills administered anytime after conception. A big difference between the trigger law and other laws on abortion is increasing the criminal penalties for anyone providing an abortion.”

KDFW4: “The law, passed by the state legislature in 2021, enhances penalties making all abortions performed in the state a felony, except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. Any doctor who performs an abortion in Texas could face life in prison and grants the Attorney General the authority to file civil lawsuits with fines up to $100,000.”

Texas Tribune: “Under current Texas law, abortion is prohibited even in cases of rape or incest. But polling shows Texans overwhelmingly support exceptions for rape and incest — only 13% and 11%, respectively, said pregnant people should not be able to obtain abortions in those cases.”

In North Dakota, a trigger ban criminalizing abortion providers would have gone into effect last week had a federal judge not blocked it. 

CNN: “North Dakota currently allows abortion up until 20 weeks or more post-fertilization. The abortion ban that was set to take effect Friday would make it a felony to perform an abortion in the state with exceptions for the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.”

Let’s be clear – Americans should not live in fear about being able to make decisions surrounding their own reproductive health. Abortion extremism is the GOP party line, and reproductive health is on the ballot come November.