Editorial Boards Blame Trump for Shutdown

The government shutdown is officially going to be the longest in history, and editorial boards across the country are blaming Donald Trump. With 800,000 Americans furloughed or working without pay, Democrats are united in insisting that the president stop his temper tantrum and reopen the government.   Austin American-Statesman: “Trump is responsible for turning it […]

Día 21: ‘La seguridad fronteriza no va a pagar mi hipoteca’

Al día veintiuno del Cierre de Trump, los caprichos del presidente continúan afectando las vidas de 800,000 trabajadores federales que se encuentran en despido temporal o trabajando sin pago. Mientras los trabajadores federales luchan por pagar sus hipotecas y facturas mensuales, ayer, el presidente viajó a la frontera en McAllen,Texas para participar de un espectáculo […]

Trump’s Shutdown is Putting Women’s Lives at Risk

DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on the Trump Shutdown allowing the Violence Against Women Act to expire and funding to lapse:   “Thanks to Donald Trump’s decision to throw a temper tantrum and force a government shutdown, women’s lives across the country are at risk. The Violence Against Women Act […]

Workers Call On Trump To End His Shutdown

Hundreds of thousands of workers will miss their next paycheck because of the Trump Shutdown. Now, they are speaking out and calling on Trump to end his shutdown.   Hundreds of federal workers gathered at the White House today to demand an end to the Trump Shutdown. Washington Post: “Hundreds of furloughed federal workers, contractors, […]

Who’s Going To Pay For The Wall? Mexic — Oh??

Trump shut down the government to force taxpayers to fund an ineffective border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. As Americans increasingly put the blame on Trump for the shutdown, his lies about paying for the border wall are unraveling. Trump shut down the government to force taxpayers to fund his border wall […]

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